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While in meditation, you are receiving telepathic guidance and assistance from your guides and this guidance is imprinted in your heart and soul. Now, feel the interaction with your guides and with your Higher Self for your healing. (Pause) See and feel the jewels, the crystals and healing energies of the temple and breathe them in. Bre...

Your I AM Presence is your governor, and your soul represents the sum total of all your experiences. Ascension is the process of unifying all of this into oneness; you become totally whole again. You become the personification of your Divine SELF, manifesting the fullness of your Divinity. The final stage of Ascension is the most wonder...

Do we actually ever reach a point where the healing is done?

Yes. Every time you work these things out within yourself, you go deeper and deeper. You are peeling off layers, and some of them go very deep. When you think you have reached the last layer, you start feeling better and you think the healing is complete; but then, the pain may...

How can we heal all our traumas that caused us to disconnect from so many wondrous aspects of ourselves in order to survive? How can we heal ourselves in a few short years and prepare for the great planetary shift?

You can accomplish this through a DEEP SURRENDER to the Inner process of Healing. The I AM of your being knows exa...

April 27, 2017

"Trust that your healing and your travels to The Great Jade Temple in your etheric body are happening. Your etheric body looks almost identical to your physical body except it is more perfected. In the future, your transformed body will also feel very physical, although it will be relieved of much density and the frequency will vibrate...

April 24, 2017

All creation begins first in your imagination. It is your tool for conscious manifestation. Use it to create positively, and your wildest dreams will manifest. ~ Adama

There is a wonderful healing temple in Telos, called The Great Jade Temple. Access to this awesome temple has been closed to surface dwellers since the sinking of the Lemu...

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