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TELOS: 5D City (part 13)

People in Telos are free to enjoy their sexuality without the burden or apprehension of unwanted pregnancies. Pregnancies manifest only when a soul is invited by intention to evolve in their community. The pregnancy then takes place energetically in the subtle body and manifests physically. Only in sacred marriages are couples allowed to bring forth children. When a couple makes a decision to have a child, they go to the temple to discuss their intention with the head priest and apply for permission to receive this privilege. Only couples who have attained high spiritual maturity are allowed to bring forth souls into incarnation. This is the way in all enlightened civilizations.

When permission is granted to a couple to bring forth a new soul into the community of Telos, it is considered a very sacred calling. The parents-to-be are then in direct connection with one or more candidates from the light realm for that special privilege. Once the candidate is chosen, many meetings take place at an inner level between the incoming soul and the future parents. There is approximately six to twelve months of preparation for conception. Soul path and purposes are studied carefully until all is in readiness for that sacred commitment.

People in Telos are totally aware of the impact the birth of a new soul will create in their community. When the soul is conceived, the gestation period is twelve weeks. The parents temporarily move to the temple for full-time preparation for the event. During that time, the parents-to-be lavish each other with the purest love they are capable of as a couple. They listen to music that elevates their vibration and surrender themselves into exquisite beauty. The members of the temple priesthood honor and welcome the soul who is destined to become part of their community. Their children are always wanted and desired. During the gestation period, the soul waiting to be born feels fully the love of the parents and of the community.

Children in Telos are born slightly larger compared to the children born on the surface of the Earth and they grow more rapidly. They grow in wisdom and knowledge naturally. Though they may experience some of the difficulties that children do on the surface, especially at puberty, people in Telos have many ways to assist their children to mature and grow through their problems. Each child's pathway is always honored, and each child receives all the attention he/she requires. It is unthinkable for people in Telos to bring a child into incarnation without first implementing the highest and most complete preparations.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: There is going to be a very special event (symposium) on August 25 - 27, 2017, in Garden City, New York. This symposium will be the first step in a public disclosure initiative from the Inner Earth - the Kingdom of Agartha, to the people of Earth. All of humanity is welcome to attend this public symposium and learn more about this ancient civilization and their timely message to Humanity. For more information please click HERE

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