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Have you ever noticed that difference in hurricane and tornado activity between the East Coast and the West Coast? Have you ever wondered why the West Coast is not subject to the same number of yearly cataclysms as occurs so frequently on the East Coast? It is our desire to tell you that the West Coast has been spared so many calamities each year because of Our Presence. We are not just trees; we are more than that. Our tree form is just an outer shell housing our Great Spirit. Although our Spirit is incarnated in the form of giant trees, our collective Spirit is vast, powerful, all encompassing and wise, well beyond your present limited understanding and awareness.


It is because of our presence there, our Love and our great protective powers, that this country has been spared many calamities from Nature. Please be reminded that disasters from Nature are always caused by energetic imbalances in the Earth's energy grid, arising from vortexes of discordant energies created and accumulated by humanity. The misuse of creative energies, negative thinking, and lack of Love towards each other and other Live Forms create these dangerous vortexes.

We are the harmonizers of Nature where we live, and our influence radiates far and wide. Over the centuries, we have been able to absorb in our giant bodies much of your discordant energies, thus sparing the western hemisphere the consequences of many natural disasters. When our numbers were greater near your shore and on your coast, we were much more effective at warding off potential disturbances or cataclysms from the Pacific Ocean or elsewhere. Now, with our numbers being so drastically reduced, be aware that our protection is equally reduced.

We have cradled you in our protection, love, wisdom, peace, harmony, beauty, wood and oxygen; we have adorned your landscape for millions of years throughout your many incarnations. You know us as we know you. Because of the fall to such a deep level of unconsciousness, you have forgotten your roots and your ancestry, and you have forgotten some of your best friends.

You no longer acknowledge the Earth as your Mother, and awesome Celestial, Living, Breathing Being of the highest order and intelligence, a Being that is loved, cherished and honored throughout all the planets of this solar system, the many galaxies of this universe and all other universes far beyond this one. She is the One who has supported unconditionally your personal evolution on Her body with such great Love, Abundance and nurturing, for eons of time.

She has allowed you to damage, poison and destroy parts of Her body countless times in order to assist you in forging your evolutionary pathway. Many of you are recklessly destroying large segments of land the habitat of the many kingdoms that She also hosts on this planet besides humanity. You have been brutal to Her innocent ones from the animal kingdom and you have been brutal with each other. She considers all beings of Her many kingdoms as Her children, no matter what form they take. She loves all equally. You have forgotten that all kingdoms evolving on this planet, known or unknown to you, have equal rights to live here and share this planet.


The mandate given to mankind was to learn dominion over his own lower nature, in order to return to his original Divinity and innocence. We are sending you an SOS call today through this channel. Do what you can to preserve what was left of us. The time is now very close when you need our protection more than ever before.

Our presence is indeed a great gift, something that is given only once to a planet. After millions of years of physical existence here in great numbers, with all Love we have offered to the Earth inhabitants and her many kingdoms, we have been brought to the brink of extinction by the heedlessness of one generation alone!

We are the Spirit of Redwood Trees; we are loyal friends who have loved and cherished all of you for so long. We are the Wise Giants who have cradled and nurtured all civilizations on your planet from the very beginning. We are Devas who hold Great Powers and Wisdom, and we are part of the Protection Team for this planet. We are the faithful servants of your blessed Earth Mother.

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