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TELOS: Protocols of 5D (part 3)

When we finally speak of qualities such as Love, Trust, Faith, Compassion, Grace and Gratitude, we do not speak about mere intellectual concepts. Compassion is an energy that creates great oscillations in the fabric of your universe. Grace is a palpable energy that can be witnessed and utilized in the world around you. Faith and Trust are the frequencies that power each breath that you take in the physical.

With each in-breath and out-breath your soul takes in the Divine. Gratitude is not attained by speaking the polite statements you are taught as children. It is an energetic acknowledgment to the universe that you are in alignment with Source. And Love is not romantic or religious exclamation. Love is quite profoundly the energy that Powers All of Creation.

It will take an on-going commitment to truly recognize and embrace these frequencies. It will take a daily, conscious choice to remain awake and honor yourself and all creation by living in the INTEGRITY of these energies. This is the RESPONSIBILITY for SELF we speak of. You have spent thousands of lifetimes practicing myriad ways of being. You have performed rituals and initiations as rites of passage to higher realms of being. Now we say to you that the answers you seek reside WITHIN YOU.

In Telos and all Lemurian communities of this dimension, we affirm daily our choice to be awake and in Communion with Source. It is THIS CHOICE that manifests our PARADISE. Our world IS as WE CREATE it, instant by instant.

STEP TWO is the recognition and dismantling of belief in all that you think you know to this point. This next step is indeed a leap of FAITH.

Please know in your Hearts that we are here for you to take THIS LEAP. We can guide you so that the leap seems less staggering and the fear less overwhelming. We hold in our hearts all of the compassion that you will need, until you can hold it for yourselves.

We cannot teach you how to be compassionate with yourself, but we can show you HOW to WANT to be compassionate with yourself. For this "want" is in itself the one true question that all in the universe offers support to answer. This "want" or desire is itself a force, a tool of mastery and a tool of the awakened human being. This "want" is the voice of a human heart that recognizes, after many dark nights of the soul, that it can question, in a loving way, everything that it has always known. It is a KNOWING in the Heart that Everything is already Here, and you must simply give it form. It is the compassion to allow ALL the other Possibilities of Creation the human mind has not yet awakened to.

All is appropriate in this "WANTING" and "NOT KNOWING," and all is aligned with the ultimate Grace that is the Divine Plan, and for the highest good of all.

Be willing to do the work, first, to strip away the accumulated layers of illusion that hide who you think you are from the Real You. In so doing, you will become more human, hosting a SPIRIT living inside a body. If you embrace this Truth in your Heart, in compassion for all that BEING in a body entails, you infuse your consciousness with the Light that is All of You.

This experience of Ascension in a physical body is new to most of you, as it was new to most of us. This is the Grace that the planet offers in this time and space. It is the opportunity to become INNOCENT again, and to approach life from FAITH. Build the faith that this meshing of spirit makes any manifestation possible. Develop the faith in yourself that you are a Master who is capable of co-creating with the universe ALL that is POSSIBLE.

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