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Violet Flame Invocation: Basic Instructions

Hi there, you beautiful souls! How have you been? I am wishing you all Happy New Year of 2018, the year of Mastery of our inner world and Manifestation of our hearts' dreams and desires into the physical realm. Today, we will go over the basic invocation of the Sacred Violet Flame of Transmutation Transformation gifted to us by the Ascended Master Saint Germain who is the leader of the Aquarian Age, the New Golden Era of Peace, Freedom and Enlightenment that we are entering into right now. I learned about the Violet Flame and its healing and transformative properties from Elizabeth Clare Prophet, a great mystic and a well-known author, more than six years ago. This particular version of the Violet Flame invocation that I am going to share with you is from Troika who lives in Mt Shasta and works directly with Saint Germain.

The Violet Flame represents the Seventh Ray of Creation that exists in higher dimensions in the realm of Light. It is an invisible spiritual energy that appears violet to those who have developed their spiritual vision. This particular flame is a Divine Alchemy in Action. It can transform low frequencies of negative emotions and thoughts into higher frequencies of positive emotions and actions. On the same note, it can transmute denser energies of karma, past deeds and actions that were out of alignment with Source into higher vibrational frequencies and thus it can prepare an individual for his/her physical ascension, which leads to the Union with the Divine in the physical form, which is humanities' birthright.

The Violet Flame imparts a feeling of vibrancy, buoyancy and vitality and has qualities of mercy, forgiveness, justice, freedom and transmutation. Here are the four steps of this basic Violet Flame invocation, which you can adopt and use in unlimited ways with your wild imagination:

Step #1:

Bring the Violet Flame into your body. Ask your Higher Self or your Guides and Angels to assist you to do so. Or just ask the Violet Flame to be made manifest in your entire body and your aura, your energy field. Visualize a ball of violet fire above your head (where your Soul Star Chakra resides) and ask the ball to come into your presence and fill every part of your body. You can imagine the Violet Flame moving through your muscles, nerves, bones, tissues, ligaments, blood and all your organs. You can also imagine all your cells, molecules and atoms bathing in the energy of the Violet Flame.

Step #2:

Ask the Violet Flame/Fire to expand through your Heart and around all of your other bodies: physical, etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual. By this point you will find yourself sitting or standing in a sphere of a Violet Flame that is enveloping you. You pause there, breathe deeply and feel the energies, the presence of the Sacred Violet Flame of Transmutation all around you and within you.

Step #3:

Ask the Violet Flame for anything that needs to be changed or eliminated from your body or your life, such as karma, negative ego, negative situations, negative feelings of anger, poverty, frustration, jealousy, envy, hatred, sadness, depression, grief and even a physical illness. Here is a Catch off Phrase: "Violet Flame, please transmute anything and everything that stands in the way of my physical ascension and becoming a Divine Human Being." The intent and the feelings behind the actual words that you use are of utmost importance. In addition to that, ask that the negativity be released in all dimensions, on all levels, in all bodies through time and space: past, present and future. That covers all of your lifetimes and other multidimensional aspects of yourself.

Step #4:

Ask the Violet Flame to transmute all the negativity into Divine Light and fill your entire body with those energies of Divine Love and Radiance. Ask that your vibrational frequency be raised to the highest level possible in the NOW moment. The closing can be as following: "And So Be It. Beloved I AM. Thank you, Source, I AM THAT I AM."

We own all of our energies: negative or positive, good or bad, energies of light and darkness. They are all within our auric field and we must learn how to master all of them. That is part of our evolution and our mission here on Earth. When you ask the Violet Flame to transmute and eliminate all those low vibrational energies then you create an empty space where the block or negative energies were located. So it is very important to fill up the empty space with positive higher vibrational energies, such as love, prosperity, abundance, peace, joy, harmony, balance and happiness. You can also ask for a specific color of the Rays of Creation or the seven basic Chakras to come and fill up your body. Pink color represents unconditional love and healing, emerald green represents health and harmony, white color stands for purity and innocence, purple or violet color represents mercy, forgiveness and freedom. Use your imagination here and your child like nature. You can also turn everything (all negativity) into the Golden Platinum Crystalline Dimond Light of God that represents the Cosmic Christ Consciousness.

This is a living invocation that grows and changes from a moment to a moment. So speak how you FEEL at the moment and be open to your guidance to your TRUTH. Preferably, you want to say the invocation out loud as the power of the spoken word makes things manifest really fast. If you are around strangers and do not feel comfortable with the spoken word just say the invocation quietly in your head and go through all the visualizations. Always center yourself in your HEART and take a few deep breaths before you do any prayer work or invocations. Be grateful. It is suggested to do the invocation in the morning and in the evening and even during the day whenever you feel off center. I hope you will find this spiritual practice and transformational tool effective, inspiring and fun.

Here at the end I would like to share with you the Violet Flame decree given to humanity by Saint Germain in the late 1950's. Please enjoy!


I thank you for your time! Feel free to contact me at if you have any questions and if you feel inspired and divinely guided to make a donation, please do so. I would appreciate it greatly. You just go on my website and scroll down on the bottom page to make a payment.

Many Blessings and NAMASTE

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