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The Flame of Resurrection

The Flame of Resurrection in its vibration and action is not uniquely a healing Flame: its sphere of action is vast. Its actions are of universal dimension and take place at many levels and frequencies. 2,000 years ago the Master Jesus used the Flame of Resurrection to resurrect his own body in the tomb after the death of his mortal body. What it did for this great Avatar 2,000 years ago, it could also do for you. The attributes of this Flame have not diminished; on the contrary, it has gathered much momentum and its powers have multiplied many times.

Lord Jesus/Sananda with his beloved twin flame Nada are guardians of this Sacred Flame. They are both high-level ascended beings and are ever so willing to assist you at any time, especially with the wonders of this Sacred Flame. Around the time of Easter is when this Flame is most active on this planet. This time of the year is a window of opportunity to infuse your entire consciousness, being and world with this wondrous Flame. It is also when nature is infused by the Resurrection Flame in greater measure and becomes alive again.

Although this Flame is active at all times, Easter is when its energy doubles in intensity for the benefit of mankind, in commemoration of the Christ energies brought back to this planet by Lord Jesus/Sananda. This Flame of Resurrection, as a Sixth Ray activity, also embodies the energies of Selfless Service and Ministration. That is what Jesus embodied and demonstrated by his life and his selfless service. He has remained in service to the planet and all of mankind until this present time, and will continue through millennia to come.

His experience with the Flame of Resurrection was not unique to him; he simply knew how to use these life-giving and life-enhancing energies. Now that you have all evolved yourselves to a greater level of understanding, it is time for you to use this for yourself. There are many tools at your disposal to create ease in your life and to accelerate your transformation and your evolutionary path. You simply need to be aware of them and use them diligently in your daily life.

When you desire healing in your body, you need the energy of the Resurrection Flame to accomplish this by taking into your body a much higher frequency than you already carry. A superficial, temporary healing is not what you are striving for; you all seek something that is permanent and uplifting. You want healing that will reconnect you more consciously with the Divine Being that you are, which in truth, is the source of everything you ever want and desire. You want your healing to reflect and embody once again your divinity, your very prime nature. It is your birthright as a child of God.

When the master Jesus said, "I AM the Resurrection and the Life," he was not talking about his human self in incarnation. He was teaching the Divine Law of the great "I AM" that lives in the Sacred Heart of all of you, your divine Self not yet fully expressed in your present state of awareness. He expressed it because he was fully connected to the Divine Essence. Understand that the Resurrection Flame is an energy you can easily use for your benefit by focusing on it, invoking it and beginning to play with it. Be creative!

You can resurrect your finances, you can resurrect your bodies, you can resurrect family harmony and you can resurrect a great number of things you want to expand in your life. The resurrection energies are not limited in any way whatsoever.

You can use the words "I AM," knowing that it is the unlimited aspect of you, or you could say something like, "From the Lord God of my being, I call forth now to receive a great infusion of Resurrection Flame in every cell, atom and electron in my physical body, my emotional body and all my subtle bodies. I wish to heal and resurrect all aspects of my life." The sky is not even the limit in using this powerful energy. If you experience lack of any kind in your life, if your body is not yet in a state of luminosity and immortality, if you are not yet manifesting absolute divine beauty, youth and perfection, it means that the electrons composing your physical structure are still suffering levels of distortions. Call the Resurrection Flame to come to your rescue and assist you.

In your dimension (3D, 4D) you must focus on what you want to create until it manifests in order to obtain results. You also need to add the focus of your loving emotions into the object of your creation. If you focus only once, your chances of manifesting what you want are rather small. It is not a question of repeating affirmations like a parrot, but of sending your loving thoughts throughout the day as you go about your business with the absolute knowingness that your creation is manifesting through your love and intention. In our fifth dimension creation is instant.

If you also choose to do affirmation, which are very helpful, be sure that you repeat them, not as a supplication, but as a statement of loving intention, with the full intensity of emotion from your heart, infusing the object of your desire with as much faith and gratitude as possible.

It is always helpful to visualize the Resurrection Flame as a golden orange-yellow energy, luminescent in color like you see when you watch a summer sunset. Make it real. Give it life in your heart and mind, because as you visualize it, so it becomes. If you want healing, infuse the problem you want to heal with the wondrous energy, and be sure to sustain it long enough to get results.

The energies of the Sacred Flames of Creation are connected to each of your chakras not only of this dimension but also of higher dimensions. The Sacred Flames work individually and together in a synchronistic way like rainbows of light to assist and sustain you. You will discover many more Flames such as the Flame of Joy, the Flame of Harmony, the Flame of Comfort and Peace. It is simply endless.

From the book TELOS: Protocols of the Fifth Dimension (Volume 3) by Aurelia Louise Jones

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