A Few Words About Me

 I AM a volunteer Soul, StarSeed, Indigo, Blue Flame and Guide assisting Gaia (Mother Earth) and Her children with the planetary/personal transition (Ascension) into the fifth dimensional realm (5D) and higher.

I teach ancient wisdom and esoteric knowledge from higher realms of Light Divine intertwined with modern updated systems and healing technologies. I share my stories based on direct experiences. I am assisting young(er) generation of highly evolved Souls: Indigo warriors, empaths, sensitives, Crystal children, Rainbow children, Earth Angels,  and Souls from the Elemental Kingdom and other planes of existence and Star systems and Galaxies on their Journey back HOME, to BE and LIVE in their Higher Hearts. I provide ancient tools with expansive resources to make the shift from 3D to 5D and Higher in a way that is creative, fun and inspiring.

I AM wishing you many blessings on your journey! I AM Here to support You in creating Your New Life  in New Earth - Paradise.



 © 2020 by YANA KALAI 

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