"Know Yourself and Be Free"
~ Yeshua

Universal Laws teach us about LOVE and INTEGRITY


I AM a volunteer Soul, Galactic Star Indigo Warrior, Yogini, Guide and Mentor assisting Gaia (Mother Earth) and all of Her inhabitants with the Planetary/Galactic transition (Ascension) into the next Harmonic Universe #2 (the plane of the Soul Essence).

I teach ancient wisdom and esoteric knowledge from higher realms of Light Divine intertwined with modern updated systems and healing technologies. I share my stories based on direct experiences. I am assisting young(er) generation of highly evolved Souls like Indigo warriors and Crystal/Rainbow children, Earth Angels,  and Super-soldiers who have experienced physical, emotional, mental and sexual abuse that resulted in trauma and fragmentation of their soul energy through MK ULTRA programs - Monarch, Montauk, Mockingbird. I am intending to help them with their sexual and spiritual recovery and realization of their True Divine Nature - The Eternal SELF. I provide multidimensional ancient tools with expansive resources to make the shift from 3D/4D to 5D and Higher in a way that is creative, transformational, insightful, inspiring and fun.

I AM wishing all of you many blessings on your journey of SELF Re-discovery! I AM Here to support You in creating Your New Life  in this New Paradigm that is fulfilling, joyful, bountiful, blissful and empowering.



 © 2021 by YANA KALAI 

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