"Know Yourself and Be Free"
~ Yeshua

Universal Laws teach us about LOVE and INTEGRITY


I AM a volunteer Soul, Galactic Star Indigo Warrior, Yogini, Guide and Mentor assisting Gaia (Mother Earth) and all of Her inhabitants with the Planetary/Galactic transition (Ascension) into the next Harmonic Universe #2 (a plane of the Soul Essence).

I teach ancient wisdom and esoteric knowledge from higher realms of Light Divine intertwined with advanced E.T. healing technologies - part of the organic ascension A.I. I share my stories based on direct experiences. I am creating a 5D Community for young(er) generation of highly evolved Souls - Indigo (Atlantis) Crystal/Rainbow (Lemuria) warriors, Earth Angels and my soul siblings in the military (MC)  who have experienced physical, emotional, mental and sexual abuse from Alien Nano Technology (MK ULTRA) that resulted in trauma and fragmentation of their soul essence and the auric field. I am assisting them with their return back Home to LIGHT - the eternal flame in the Cosmic Diamond Heart. I share ancient tools with expansive resources to make the shift from 3D/4D to 5D and Higher in a way that is creative, transformational, insightful, inspiring and fun.

I AM wishing all of you many blessings on your journey of SELF Re-discovery! I AM Here to support You in creating Your New Life  in this New Paradigm that is fulfilling, joyful, bountiful, blissful and empowering.