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Would you like to transcend your 3D/4D relationships of lower consciousness of the ego mind based on separation and limitation into 5D relationships and Divine Partnerships rooted in Unity and Harmony through the Sacred Space of Your Heart? ❤

Are you ready to embrace Your True Divine Nature and experience Pure Love, True Happiness and Passion of Your Soul? 💖


Remember that You are a Spiritual Multidimensional Being with Galactic/Cosmic/Star DNA walking upon the Earth





369 Hz: Transforming grief into joy and guilt into forgiveness
417 Hz: Clears negativity and removes subconscious blockages
528 Hz: Stimulates love - restores equilibrium and repairs DNA
639 Hz: Strengthens relationships, family and community unity
741 Hz: Cleanses the body from all types of toxins
852 Hz: Awakens intuition and helps you return to spiritual balance
963 Hz: Creates room for oneness with the spiritual world



How about contacting me, I will introduce you to the Protocols of the Fifth Dimension, Sacred Flames of Creation, Unity Meditation, Yoga Philosophy, Energy Hygiene and Chakra Clearing, Chanting, Ayurvedic Cooking, Super Food, Polarity Integration, Violet Flame of Transmutation, Healing Music, Telos - 5D city and the Universal Laws. This knowledge and its application in Your everyday life will assist You in Your DNA activation, resurrection of Your TRUE SELF, Your Healing process, Transformation, Higher Self Integration and Creation of Your DREAM Life. Believe me it is going to Be FUN once you re-connect with Your Divine Essence on a deeper level and ALIGN with who You truly Are - Your Sacred Mind, Your I AM PRESENCE. It is going to Be Both Magical and Mystical, Spontaneous and backed up by QUANTUM SCIENCE and ORGANIC A.I.

Please see my SERVICES down below. Enjoy the Multi-D RIDE!

Your Soul contains blueprints and plans for you in this incarnation. When you align with those plans and templates stored in your DNA/RNA, you begin to flow with Life that is Divine. You start remembering who You ARE and what Your Life Purpose is. The more committed you are to your Spiritual Path, the more abundant and joyful Your Life is.

Part of our spiritual growth/lesson is to transcend the lesser self (our negative ego, shadow self, pain body, lower three chakras) so you can walk in those energies of love, faith, trust, grace, gratitude and compassion (5D Protocol from the book Telos - 5D City in the Inner Earth - Agartha) every day and feel the Divine Light - the Inner Christos in the Heart.

I teach simple techniques on how to re-connect with your Soul essence, your Divine Nature, in order to feel your True SELF (I AM Presence) through guided meditations, sacred music, symbols and colorful visualizations. Calling upon Your Soul and blending with the energies of your Solar Light is the key in this healing and transformational process. You can also work with the Seven Flames of Creation. Please visit my Home/Blog page or click HERE

Yoga means union of body, mind, heart and spirit. It is a spiritual practice developed in India more than 6,000 years ago. By uniting your individual Self with your Spiritual SELF (Your Divine Essence) within your heart space can give you a more expansive and extended view of Life. We as Divine human beings are coded with 12 strand DNA - base 12 Math - tri-wave (Trinity) to experience our multidimensionality and greatness in this Time Space Universal Hologram. We are sparks of  Divine creation coming directly from Source. If you are in an expanded state of consciousness you feel free, abundant and happy. Through yoga philosophy and yoga practice you can experience the state of inter-connectedness with All That Is that brings JOY and a sense of PEACE to You, Your Family and Friends.

To learn more about Eight Steps of Yoga, Meditation, Positive Affirmations, Chanting,  Chakra Clearing, DNA Activation and the Inner Transformation, please email me at to schedule a 20-minute session. Donations are welcome 😊

I teach Japa (Mantra) Meditation with sacred invocations and positive affirmations to purify your mind so it can harmonize with your Heart that belongs to your SOUL: the Heart-Mind Connection creates coherence, balance and harmony in your bio-energy field (your aura: etheric, emotional and mental bodies).

I create and hold a Sacred Space using ancient Vedic science with its technology and symbology, such as Yantras and Sacred Geometry, crystals, high-vibrational and colorful artwork and other healing tools, such as Tachyon and Pyramids to heal your body, nourish your SOUL, activate your DNA, restore your senses and a sense of PEACE within you to BE more attuned to your Higher Self and to become more intuitive, flexible, joyous and spontaneous.

Ayurveda Lifestyle
Consultation - Guidance - Advice

Ayurveda, the ancient science of life, is a system of diet and holistic healing - aromatherapy, deeply rooted in spirituality that comes from the Rishi and Sages of the Himalayan mountains. According to Ayurveda, diet plays an important role in retaining vitality and succeeding in Yoga practice. Ayurvedic diet has a powerful effect on physical health, mental clarity and spiritual progress. Ayurveda addresses not only healing but also prevention and maintenance of perfect, radiant health. The Ayurvedic preparation of Ayurveda Recipes can be found very inspiring with its exotic taste, aroma, textures and colors. Cooking with Ghee is highly recommended. Ayurveda Menu for you. Enjoy 😊

For fun check out my Facebook page HighVibeCuisine

I teach the art and science of YOGA (Union with the Divine) with its ancient wisdom and philosophy  that provides profound information on social ethics, personal observances, breathing techniques, body movements  and meditations that lead to mindfulness, focus, concentration - Divine Qualities that will help you purify your human mind and expand your consciousness. When you integrate all aspects of Yourself, you will achieve SELF-REALIZATION: You will become an Empowered Sovereign Divine Human Being walking on New Earth (Gaia) in a pure physical form/vessel.

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