My Story About Structured/Distilled Water

Going through my own healing and Ascension process as a highly sensitive individual and as an empath I knew I needed a proper hydration for my body and mind. I was looking for a water filter that would yield a pure water of the highest vibration creating a field of resonance around me and within me. I needed a high quality water that would nurture me, soothe me and make my pineal gland happy.


I was so happy when I discovered structured water through the Wellness Enterprise. 

Before that time I was using reverse osmosis at home and bottled water from the store. I found that the filtered water that I poured through the portable filter with coherent action tasted sweeter and lighter and I felt energized and content within my own state of BEING. When I started drinking such a hi-vibe water, I felt the flow of Life and being ME again. I simply fell in LOVE with THE Water. And I was full of JOY. I got the inner re-assurance that my healing and my own ascension process during the time of Great Awakening and Shift in Consciousness was going to be very successful. What a journey it was for me as a Way-shower and Truth-keeper during the first wave of Ascension! Now, I can hold the space and be there for others as WE ALL (who are choosing) are entering the New (Golden) Age (Era) on Gaia (5D Earth/Tara). I am very grateful! 

Benefits Of Drinking Pure/Distilled/Structured Water

  • Adds oxygen to the water

  • Boosts the immune system and raises the body's energy

  • Improves digestion and the physiology of the body

  • Gives the body a healthy glow - vitality - beautiful skin

  • Gives clarity to the mind and emotional stability

  • Neutralizes U - maintains healthy pH - keeps U safe

  • Decalcifies the pineal gland

For more details, please check Marina Jacobi's videos on DETOX 101 and DISTILLED WATER. Her YouTube channels are Harmonic Reactor and Awaken Freedom. Thank you💕

If you would like to see all the products and options for structuring water, please visit the shop by clicking HERE. This water technology uses physics, sacred geometry, vortexing, entrainment, and the mineral kingdom to support you with raising your vibration and awakening you to the Magic of WATER.