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We consecrate and dedicate ourselves to the purposes of ONE.

We endeavor to be the Knower of God to then be the Way-shower of God.

May we be sustained in the Eternal Power of Our Consecration!

We call upon our Guardians of the Emerald Order, the Amethyst Order and our Krystal Star family (Aurora Races) from Andromeda to hold our community and our missions in Service to the Law of ONE. Our intention is Unification - The Christos Sophia Consciousness - as the TRUE reality Here and Now.

We fortify our spiritual links on planet Earth-Tara-Gaia through the Cosmic TRINITY, and into The Core of One, the Zero Point - Divine Neutrality - God Matrix - the Source of our Genesis (DNA Blueprint: Base 12 Mathematics and 144 Harmonics).

We set our intention to remember who WE truly ARE (multidimensional Beings of LIGHT DIVINE of the Cosmic Diamond Crystal Heart) completely and totally.


May all inorganic patterns be resurrected to the Organic Living LIGHT Now!


Thank you, God. We are the COSMIC CHRIST. We are UNITY. And so It Is. Lovingly decreed.

see the original version of Unity Vow from Lisa Renee at



I. Divine Will is Service to Other's orientation and is the New Plan and Law for the Changing of the Guard being positioned now.

II. It was never about You. You just thought so for awhile. Your body belongs to the Eternal God Source and is a vehicle for Christos Intelligence. You are returning embodiment of the Christos Intelligence to the Earth as a part of the Reclamation of Christos Mission.

III. As a Vehicle of Christos Intelligence you will be required to do things your ego personality does not want to do. The path of Self Mastery is hard and steep. You will learn how to free and deliver Group Souls by releasing their bondage to the dark by the Power given in the Truth of the Light. You are an Emissary and Protector of the Divine Plan and Unity Logos, the Word of God.

IV. You are to learn how to perfect Service to Others orientation without imposing your personal will upon others. You are required to have no attachment to the outcome or to the result of your service. Self interest is now taken to the back seat in order to serve the greater whole to evolve into Group Consciousness.

V. You will be penalized energetically if you persist in manifestation via the manipulation of forces to superimpose your personal agenda or ego will desire. You must master forces of Divine Inspiration over Personal Aspiration. You are being tested heavily to build this discernment through Dark Arts Training that is happening now.

VI. Consumptive Modeling is completed as Law on this Planet therefore all energies or spirit bodies that have been misdirected or used at the expense of another will be balanced back into a perfect equilibrium of the Universal Forces. Return to the Rightful Owner is in effect, however must be claimed in the authority of the Embodied Christ in God's Infinity Power.

VII. You have accepted this Clause through being physically embodied on the earth at this time of the Ascension. You will either leave your body to continue this education into higher learning or stay to Serve the Others.

                                                              ~ Lisa Renee (ES Community)


Disclaimer: The information provided on this website is for Educational Purposes ONLY, including healing modalities. My purpose Here is to inspire You, Empower You and remind You who YOU truly ARE. How you interpret or perceive the information becomes your Reality. And what you do with it is up to You - Your Responsibility. This physical Ascension experience (experiment) requires inner work, dedication, persistence, patience and trusting your Divine Essence. Then the rest is assured - We Are All returning HOME - to Our fully blossoming Infinite Consciousness - Intelligence. Blessings to all of You! LOVE & LIGHT, TRUTH and NAMASTE

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