Ascension - Spiritual Awakening is the return to the Multi-Dimensional Consciousness of Peace and Unity - The Divine Matrix of Love and Harmony through our alignment with Source, our Creator within our Hearts. It is a shift out of limitation, illusion and fear-based consciousness into the Inner knowing, remembering and feeling our true Divine Nature. This phenomenon is happening throughout our Galaxy and the entire Universe guided by Divine Intelligence. Our planet is flooded with high frequency waves (Gamma rays infused with Photonic Light) from the Great Central Sun and Galactic core assisting Earth and her inhabitants with the Awakening process and Shift in Consciousness. We are re-connecting with our Soul family, Star family and Galactic family. Our bodies' structures are changing. We are going from carbon based DNA to crystalline and Solar Light/Plasma DNA and this process of adjusting our bodies to higher vibrational frequencies can be challenging. Some of the Ascension symptoms may include nausea, vomiting, tiredness, sleeplessness, lack of appetite, disorientation, confusion, irritation, forgetfulness, burning sensation, swelling and numbness in many parts/areas of the body. Gracefully, a new parallel (Ascension timeline) has been created, activated and amplified for us by the Guardians and Heavenly realms to make the connection with our True Self and Source with greater ease and grace and to make the Transition from 3D to 5D successful and enjoyable. All we need is FAITH in our Inner Selves (the Christ Within) and TRUST in the Divine Supreme Intelligence.

The essence of ASCENSION is the continual capacity to experience ourselves as who WE truly ARE Here and Now on this Sacred Earth in the field of Unity Consciousness - PURE LOVE

What Can We Do?

To make the transition from the third-dimensional (3D) reality into the fifth-dimensional (5D) realm requires our conscious participation and communication with our own vastness all the time through our Higher Heart - a gateway to the Divine. Here are some guidelines:

  • We follow our intuition

  • We do what feels right for us

  • We respond authentically to each situation

  • We follow our inner compass, the inner voice within

  • We desire to be sovereign and self-referencing all the time

  • We claim our mastery and our pure alignment with Source our Creator

  • We are responsible for our emotions, thoughts, feelings and actions all the time 100% - We are the Co-creators with the DIVINE