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TELOS: 5D City (part 2)

The first souls of the Lemurian race were escorted to planet Earth by Beings of Light and Archangel Michael about 4,500,000 years BC. This took place at the Royal Teton Retreat, the Grand Teton National Park near Jackson, Wyoming. These new souls came from the Land of Mu in the Dahl Universe. The Earth at that time was the most magnificent paradise of this universe and all Creation until the beginning of the fall in consciousness. Other races from Sirius, Alpha Centauri and the Pleiades came to join these seed souls to form the Lemurian civilization. Lemuria became the cradle of the enlightened civilization on this planet. It extended to the size of the Pacific Ocean.

Before the fall, the Lemurians existed in a fifth dimensional light bodies with the ability to lower their vibration to experience density whenever they chose. Eventually they fell into the density of the third dimension. This fall in consciousness took place over a period of several thousand years as a result of thermo-nuclear wars between Atlantis and Lemuria, the two highest civilizations 25,000 years ago. They battled each other over the direction of other civilizations on the planet.

When the Lemurians realized that their continent (California was part of it) was destined to perish, they petitioned the Agartha Network for permission to build a city beneath Mount Shasta in order to preserve their culture and their records. Before the permission was granted by the Galactic Confederation of Planets, the Lemurians had to prove that they had learned their lessons from the years of war and aggression. After the approval, the Lemurians constructed their city Telos, which means communication with Spirit, oneness with Spirit and understanding with Spirit. Only 25,000 people made it inside the mountain and were saved and their records preserved.

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