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TELOS: 5D City (part 6)

Telosians live in circular homes. Because they have become fifth dimensional beings, they create their buildings by manifesting through their thoughts, intentions and sustained focus. They design their homes on the principles of sacred geometry. The basic material for the exterior is crystal. Telosians create their homes very quickly, any way they desire and can make changes as rapidly any time they want. It all feels physical to them but would not be visible or tangible to the people of third dimensional consciousness. Their homes are constructed from crystal-like stones that emit much light and are quite beautiful. The stones contain enough capacity to prevent those on the outside from looking in. In this way the people in Telos maintain their privacy all the time. When they are inside, however, the view looking out is totally clear, like houses of clear glass allowing them to see out at all angles and in all directions. It is like living in crystal palaces.

Here are simple instructions on how you can create a small circular home for yourself. You can use your imagination and can start dreaming your very own home. It is all about consciously creating your dreams and manifesting them:

  • Decided on the location and how large in diameter you desire this home to be

  • With you mind and heart and intention begin to visualize in detail the outline of the structure (see it in crystal-like material or substance)

  • Visualize laying each stone in the right order and place and with the exact design you want the finished home to manifest (at this point it is only an outline)

When you are completely satisfied with the creation of the outline of your new crystalline structure (it may take you about a half hour) and you feel your heart bursting with joy over this new creation then proceed to the following:

  • Fill each stone with a greater intensity of crystalline light and bring more density into it

  • Fill each stone with love, with your soul signature

  • Focus on densifying the light that created the stones until the stones reach the desired opacity

Congratulation! The crystalline structure of the new home is now completed. You can always enhance it and bring more beauty into it. Be widely creative! If you hold enough light and love in your consciousness, all types of manifestations become easy and completely natural. Believe you can do it and be always grateful!

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