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TELOS: 5D City (part 7)

"Perfection is a state of beingness that keeps expanding forever unto eternity. No matter how perfect any state of being one reaches, there is always a greater level to open and expand into. This is what creates the magic of enlightenment. " ~ Ahnahmar, one of the Elders from Lemuria

People in Telos exercise a strict Code of Entry for all those who would like to come and visit. It is assured that anyone's personal invitation will not be forthcoming until one meets the requirements of those Codes of Entry. Here is a general overview of what is required:

First: Only those who are close to a fifth dimensional awareness in their consciousness will qualify for an invitation to Telos. This means that they have embraced unconditional love for Self and for others, as well as for all parts of life and all kingdoms. Duality consciousness needs to be released by at least 90%. It is also important to have balanced the masculine and feminine energies and cultivated harmlessness in every area of life.

Second: Only those who have healed their emotional and mental bodies from all negativity, past and present. All past and present records of pain, anger, grief, guilt, sorrow, trauma, shame, addiction, hopelessness, low self-esteem, negative imprints, miasmas must be embraced and released from the subconscious mind, solar plexus and emotional body. Because of the high energy vibration in Telos, any emotions or thought-forms of a vibration less than divine love would be amplified over a thousandfold in the mind and feelings. And that would cause trauma.

Third: Only those who have completed their seventh spiritual initiation and have attained readiness for the ceremonies of their ascension. The place where one can apply to receive these initiations is the Office of the Christ under Lord Maitreya and Lord Sananda (Jesus) on the inner planes.

These initiations do take place and are governed by how one consciously lives his/her everyday life. Passing these initiations and moving on to ascension and spiritual freedom has been the goal of people's many incarnations on this planet. With the new dispensations now available, these initiations can be completed much faster than ever before in the history of Earth's evolution. Several thousand people on the planet have already reached these levels of initiations and beyond. They usually keep this information for themselves. When people open their hearts to Love, they will find that the initiations are much easier to pass through than continuing to experience the difficulty in which they find themselves. The refinement that these initiations bring to one's consciousness will open the doors not only to Telos, but also to the New Lemuria and other places of magic and wonder.

"Remember always that Love is the key, dear ones. Love will open all doors to you and quickly propel you on your pathway to limitless spiritual freedom. From Love you came and to Love you now return." ~ Adama, our Lemurian brother

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