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TELOS: 5D City (part 9)


There is going to be a very special symposium on August 25 - 27, 2017, in Garden City, New York. This symposium will be the first step in a public disclosure initiative from the Inner Earth - the Kingdom of Agartha, to the people of Earth. All of humanity is welcome to attend this public symposium and learn more about this ancient civilization and their timely message to Humanity. For more information please click HERE

During the time of Lemuria, Ahnahmar (the Lemurian Elder) and his twin flame (Aurelia, also known as Louise Jones) built a temple of wondrous beauty called "The Temple of Union." This temple was built in honor of the Love and Union of Twin Flames. Ahnahmar and his twin flame has been the guardians of that unfed flame of Immortal Love for the planet ever since. In the time of Lemuria, most men and women shared their lives with their beloved twin flame. That majestic temple was the location for wedding ceremonies. Couples adorned themselves in great beauty and elegance to consecrate their "Union" with the energies of the unfed flame of Immortal Love. Although this flame of Love was extinguished from the surface vibration with the sinking of Lemuria, it has been preserved in the Temple of Union which was lifted up in its entirety into the fourth dimension when the Lemurian continent was destroyed.

This temple still exists today in the area near Mount Shasta where it was originally located, and is now vibrating at a fifth dimensional frequency. Although the former physical structure no longer exists in the third dimension and cannot be seen in that 3D reality, it is very real and tangible for the people in Telos. The temple is very active and continues to perform all the functions for which it was intended from the time it was built. This temple exists in the etheric crystal city of Light in the area of Mount Shasta. The city extends approximately 25 to 40 miles in diameter. This wondrous Lemurian city will eventually be lowered into a more physical expression in its Divine timing - when the surface population is ready.

"Look for the love that you yearn for inside yourself first, in every cell and electron of your heart and soul. Begin first to develop a relationship in unity consciousness within yourself. It is all there awaiting your attention. Your divine counterpart lives within you. The relationship you seek is nothing more than the reflection of your direct relationship with your own divine Self. When you learn to love yourself in every aspect of your essence, every aspect of your divinity, every aspect of your human experience, then that divine love for Self becomes the ruler of your heart and life and you will no longer look anywhere else. You will know that you have found it and it will not really matter what form it takes. Your heart will feel full and completely satisfied. At that stage of development in your spiritual life, the mirror or reflection of perfect love for Self will manifest itself tangibly in your life. This is Divine Law."

~ Ahnahmar, the guardian of the Temple of Union and the Unfed Flame of Immortal Love

The quickest way to be united with your twin flame is to begin looking for your beloved within your Self. You can reconnect with all aspects of Self in the Temple of Union at night. Ahnahmar with his twin flame Aurelia and Telosian teachers will assist you and show you how to accomplish this for yourself. They will teach you the true meaning of "Divine Union." Before you go to sleep at night, ask your guides and angels to bring you in your light body to the Temple of Union to attend their classes. They will be there to receive you. They will be very happy to meet you. Namaste

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