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TELOS: 5D City (part 11)

The way people in Telos live their lives is similar to all the Galactic communities in this Solar System of this Universe. They are applying the Universal Laws, which are the same for everyone, and which are based on Unity or Universal Consciousness (the core principles) by balancing the Masculine and Feminine energies within.

Relationships and sexual expression in Telos reflect consciousness that is evolved and mature in the understanding of the various applications of LOVE. The curriculum for relationships is Union in oneness, in an embrace of the experience of Divine Love.

"First of all, know that it all begins with you. Your partner is simply a mirror for you to evolve with and learn from. No one can love more than you love yourself, nor can you love someone else more than you love yourself. "

Whenever people are whole and complete within Self, with balanced feminine and masculine energies, they are in love with themselves and do not need someone else to fulfill them emotionally. They feel whole, happy and successful. They exude the joy of life with or without a partner. They do not feel the emptiness within.

"Whenever you are looking for someone to give you the love that you are not willing to give yourself, you are creating a need."

When the inner balance is achieved, then and only then will the I AM Presence of that being will issue the call for the right relationship to appear in their lives in alignment with their desires and soul purpose/mission. The Divine Union with the Twin Flame can manifest only by the permission of their Higher Self.

"In Telos we honor ourselves such that none of us would ever accept or settle for a relationship that is less that 100% fulfilling on all levels."

In Telos, people consider each other equal and they honor each other's Divinity and Soul Path. The woman represents the aspects of the Divine Mother and the man represents the Divine Father. There is honor and respect between couples at all times. This does not mean that they always agree, but even when there is a difference of desire or perspective, they honor each other's viewpoint and do not fight nor argue over it. They do not have the attachment of being right or wrong, and they do not love each other any less because of their differences of perspective.

Couples in Telos spend as much time together as they wish. They have all the time they want to nurture, love and show their appreciation for each other as partners. People in Telos work 20 hours a week, and the rest of the time they are free to use their time as they wish. Couples have much time to enjoy each other's company in their homes and in the many social and artistic gatherings in the community in Telos. They are never short of time to nurture each other in many creative ways. They love to lavish each other with little attention, tenderness and affection. They express their sexuality and intimacy with each other when they choose, always in a beautiful, relaxed atmosphere.

Relationships in Telos are not subject to any physical hardships of survival and financial difficulties. The couples are consistently in a loving and harmonious flow. Because the Telosians honor their Divinity and the Earth, they experience a constant flow of supply from the Universe to fulfill their needs. They do not have to earn money to pay rent or feed the children, or pay medical bills or taxes. All commodities of life are FREE for everyone.

In Telos, experimental relationships for young adults and teenagers are permitted. When they reach the age of thirteen or fourteen they are allowed to experiment with sexuality with each other under the supervision of the priesthood. These wise teachers prepare the youth to express their sexuality with maturity and responsibility. They are then allowed to go out on their own and experience what they have been taught. Their sexuality is always expressed with pure joy and delight in each other. Eventually, their youthful need to experience with more than one partner diminishes until there is the mature desire for commitment. In this way, young adults in Telos are free to experiment with their sexuality as part of their maturing process.

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