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TELOS: 5D City (part 15)

Inner Earth beings are not allowed to intervene in the affairs of the surface dimension, or to interfere with the free will of humanity. They are members of the Galactic Confederation of Planets and under the direction of The Council of Twelve. When intervention on the surface of this planet is needed, this council is in control.

The Divine intervention this planet is about to experience is indeed an intervention directly called forth by the Creator. Because of this, countless extraterrestrials from millions of star systems, who love humanity, are here to prepare for and to assist this planet during the Great Shift. Among the many various ET civilizations to help are the Arcturians, the Pleiadeans, the Andromedans, the Sirians, the Venusians, those from Alpha Centauri, Orions and others.

The Space Brothers are members of humanity's soul family. They have often intervened by protecting the Earth from major space disasters that could have caused much destruction. The Arcturians, the Sirians, the Pleiadeans and many others have been the most devoted Space friends and guardians. They are still here at this time in great numbers to assist humanity and to stabilize the planet during the coming changes and dimensional shifts.

There was an agreement made a long time ago between the Inner Earth people and the collective of souls evolving on the surface of the planet that the experiments with separation from Source/Soul would happen without their interference. Mother Earth has allowed humanity all their choices at the expense of the comfort and beauty of Her own body. The Great Experiment on Earth is now over. Now it is time for re-awakening and the restoration of people's Divinity. All on Earth are now in intensive preparation for the Great Re-union and the Great Shift. It is time to go forward, to let go of the old and embrace the NEW.

People in the Inner Earth participate in the making of crop circles, which are mainly fourth and fifth dimensional gardens full of Light, color and sound. They are created in cooperation with extraterrestrials and the Devic consciousness. They are temporarily created in the third dimension to wake up people's curiosity and to assist them in expanding their mind and evolutionary process. These crop circles are encoded with Sound and Light vibrations/emanations that assist in the re-awakening of people's consciousness and remembering their True Essence.

"Open your heart and mind to all the wonders that are ahead of You after the Earth's purification. "

CRYSTALS: Crystals have many forms, vibrations and dimensions. They have their own form of intelligence and awareness. They evolve and grow to be of service to humanity. In the fourth and fifth dimension, crystals are lighter, clearer and more luminous because they are able to absorb and contain much more light that the ones that are presently known. Crystals will take any form, size, vibration and color to meet an individual's needs. People will be able to manifest them at Will according to their level of Love and Light vibration and the right use of God's resources.

Crystals will be the main source of energy used for the advanced technology that will be gifted to humanity when people from the Inner Earth come and visit the surface of the Earth. People will use the crystal technology to travel anywhere in this universe and to retrieve information from the Universal Mind. The Earth's Living Library is stored in large crystal plates. The Crystal grid of the Earth Herself has already received an Ascension activation and the Grid is NOW available to many for healing energies and information.

The Crystal Children incarnated in this world already possess a direct connection in their DNA to communicate through this GRID. The Shifts in the electromagnetic grid and the Crystal grid have taken place to enable the Greatest Shift, that of Human Consciousness.

Instead of using wood, brick, cement or synthetic materials, people will use various types of crystalline structures to construct their private dwellings and public buildings. People will be living in crystal palaces and will still be able to maintain their privacy. People will attain and re-gain their telepathic and psychic skill-sets and abilities and will be able to communicate with other planets and galaxies. These crystalline structures will reinforce their own energetic structure and support the many changes in their multi-dimensional DNA that signal their ASCENSION to the Fifth Dimensional Vibration and BEYOND.

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