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TELOS: 5D City (part 16)

There are myriads of intricate complexities in the dimensions that exist beyond the third dimensional awareness. This includes gateways, energy vortexes, multi-dimensional corridors, planetary, galactic and universal grid systems, light barriers, time capsules and many more concepts of this nature. They all work together as related components of a gigantic universal system. All of these concepts and realities as well as the magic and wonder they inspire will soon be revealed to the surface population on Earth.

Portals, gateways and multi-dimensional corridors exist in great numbers from the highest level of the Godhead at the Universal Source, down through all created universes, all dimensions and sub-levels of each dimension, to the tiniest particle of life in the first dimension. They also exist throughout the Great Void.

Portals and gateways are how God, or Source Energy, is disseminated throughout all of Creation. They are also the means by which Source Energy is stepped down from the universal levels to the galactic, solar system and planetary levels into all dimensions and life frequencies. There is great variety of portals, gateways and multi-dimensional corridors each one fulfilling a specific function. Some portals are used for stepping down the frequency of Source Energy, while others are used for traveling between dimensions, planets, solar systems, galaxies, and universes. Each one of these billion of portals, gateways and corridors function with great mathematical accuracy and efficiency.

Guardians of these portals and gateways are highly evolved beings from the angelic kingdom and other star systems. They volunteered to do this job and take turns fulfilling this position. These portals and corridors of Light are filled with various kinds of wondrous and interesting comfort stations of great beauty that cosmic travelers use to meet friends, to recharge energies, or to simply receive information and direction. At times, they are the sites of great encounters between beings from many dimensions.

Following are a few guidelines for some of the portals for this planet, solar system and galaxy:

No one can travel freely through portals or gateways to dimensions higher than the level of consciousness they themselves have attained. Permission is sometimes granted to souls who are not yet at the necessary level if they are accompanied by a sponsor, a being from a higher dimension who accompanies them. A planetary ascended Master who has attained a high level of consciousness may also volunteer to take such a soul to their destination.

Each corridor, gateway, portal and grid system is guarded by beings who resonate with the level of frequency of the place they are protecting. Unless this resonance is matched, entry may be denied. These rules safeguard the integrity, purity and efficiency of those portals and corridors.

In reality, when one has attained the level of evolution that is required to travel to those places, it only takes seconds to arrive there. These corridors allow cosmic travelers to visit countless planets or galaxies and places beyond this universe. The travel happens in the twinkle of an eye, unless one chooses to make several stops along the cosmic highways to enjoy the view and social activities.

This is a basic explanation on how this all works. The complexity cannot be explained and comprehended from a third dimensional perspective. Spacecrafts also travel through those systems of corridors, gateways and grid systems to go wherever they want at a great speed.

A long time ago, in this solar system and Milky Way galaxy, the Arcturians took on the job of creating and maintaining a large percentage of multi-dimensional portals and corridors in this universe. They have become great experts in this work, and their expertise has been and will continue to be in demand throughout this entire universe. The role of the guardians of portals is to prevent unwanted energies from infiltrating places of great purity and wisdom. It is also to offer direction, guidance, comfort and information to travelers who are learning multi-dimensional travel and traveling those corridors for the first time.

Each planetary system has its own portal and corridor system that is guarded and maintained by advanced souls from that same system. The Sirians and the Andromedans also work in close collaboration with the Arcturians to maintain these vast and numerous multi-dimensional openings.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: There is going to be a very special event (symposium) on August 25 - 27, in Garden city, New York. This symposium will be the first step in a public disclosure initiative from the Inner Earth - the Kingdom of Agartha, to the people of Earth. All of humanity is welcome to attend this public symposium and learn more about this ancient civilization and their timely message to Humanity. For more information please click HERE

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