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TELOS: 5D City (part 17)

How To Raise One's Consciousness? The answer to this question is like a diamond with several thousand facets, each facet representing an avenue, in which one raises his/her consciousness above and beyond their present understanding of what Life is about on this planet. Before one would consider to raise their consciousness here are a few questions:

  1. What does it mean to raise consciousness?

  2. Why would one want to do this?

  3. What happens when one raises his/her consciousness?

  4. How will it affect an individual's present life?'

  5. What could be the results of such a spiritual journey that literally never ends?

  6. What does it mean to embrace one's Divinity fully?

While contemplating the answers to these questions deeply in Your HEART, you will have already begun the process. Your God-SELF will step in with your willingness and will send you promptings and guidance to assist You with the process. Remember, it is a process that is unfolding increment by increment according to your own unique pathway and the level of action and intensity you are investing in your healing process.

Once you develop a more expanded understanding of the questions above, raising your consciousness will become so much easier. You can make a fun game of unlimited discoveries out of it: "VOYAGE IN SELF DISCOVERY." Please, remember that Your Heart, Your Sacred Heart is the Supreme Intelligence of Your SOUL.

Answer to Question 1:

It means to start becoming more CONSCIOUS on all levels and dimensions and in all aspects of your life. No more living on automatic pilot, and no more giving your power away to others. This means opening up step-by-step into your DIVINITY, to the wondrous Spiritual BEING that You ARE in the midst of living your chosen human experience, chosen before your incarnation for the LESSONS you desired to learn in this Present Life. It means to STOP the madness in your life, at least for a period of time each day, in meditation or contemplation for the purpose of exploring the REAL SELF YOU. Begin opening yourself to ALL possibilities. Explore the wonders and the glory that are contained within YOU and around YOU, in nature and everything YOU see, feel and touch. Explore the intricacies and complexities of other kingdoms (plant, mineral and animal) on this Earth that you did not pay much attention to before. Explore within Your HEART and discover the Golden Angel that is Your True SELF, another aspect of your eternal identity. Start exploring the vastness, the wonders of LOVE and Patience of the Being you call Mother EARTH. As you begin honoring Yourself, also honor HER and HER Body, as SHE is one who can assist you mightily in raising Your Consciousness and Vibration. Claim Your True Nature as an Unlimited Being having a temporary Human EXPERIENCE!

Answer to Question 2:

The human experience on Earth has been difficult and full of challenges for the last several thousands of years, primarily because of the dense level of consciousness of the surface population. You have allowed yourselves to gradually descend from the heights of the Glory of Higher Consciousness in the first three GOLDEN AGES, to your present way of life that does not out-picture the Divine Being that YOU ARE. For the great majority, your way of LIFE is NOT natural to your SOUL. In general, humans have lost contact with and forgotten their Divine Nature. In many ways, You still worship a GOD outside of Yourself. As you raise your consciousness again to the level of your Godhood, embracing your Divinity in its fullness, all gifts of your Divine Birthright will be restored. You will again be able to demonstrate in daily life the ease, magic and grace of the unlimited GOD Being You Truly ARE. You will raise yourself forever above the pain and suffering of the present limitations you have lived with.

(To Be Continued in part 18)

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