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TELOS: The Inner Earth City (part 19)

All creation begins first in your imagination. It is your tool for conscious manifestation. Use it to create positively, and your wildest dreams will manifest. ~ Adama

There is a wonderful healing temple in Telos, called The Great Jade Temple. Access to this awesome temple has been closed to surface dwellers since the sinking of the Lemurian/Atlantis continent 12,000 years ago. Recently, the doors of this great temple of healing have been re-opened to all who wish to visit. Everybody who lives on the surface is invited to come to this temple in their etheric bodies to recharge, purify and learn to heal with a new level of understanding. This new dispensation is indeed a privilege that now humanity can take advantage of during this monumental time of change and healing for all people and the planet.

The Great Jade Temple was physical in the time of Lemuria, and its main focus has always been healing in the true sense of the word. Since its construction hundreds of thousands of years ago, its energies have blessed the lives of the people. Inside the temple has burned the immortal, unfed flame of healing for the planet. This healing flame has been constantly nurtured by the angelic kingdom, by the Holy Spirit and also by the love of the people of Lemuria. The energies of this temple have held the balance of true healing for the planet itself, for her inhabitants and for Mother Earth as well.

When the Lemurian people realized that their continent was in danger and would be eventually destroyed, they also knew that this great temple would be lost in its physical expression. Therefore, they decided to build a physical replica in Telos. Although the replica is a bit smaller than the original temple, all the records of the energies of the Immortal Flame of Healing since the time of its creation were transferred to Telos. It is still a gathering momentum to this day. This awesome healing energy was never lost to this planet, in spite of the destruction of the continent.

Planning for the building of the replica and moving the energy of the temple took a place a couple of thousand years before the Lemurian and Atlantis continents went down. Replicas of many other important temples were also built in Telos at the same time. In order to save their culture and their people, the Lemurians had to plan their strategy 5,000 years ahead of the actual time of the foreseen cataclysm.

Healing is so greatly needed at this time for all people on Earth and this is why people from Telos have opened the doors of the Great Jade Temple to assist humanity.

It is a great pleasure for the Telosians to invite all people who live on the surface to come to the Great Jade Temple in their etheric bodies at night to receive a much greater understanding of TRUE Healing. There are many guides who are always willing to assist in healing the deep traumas and sorrows of the past and the present. As people will heal their inner pain and traumas, they will also heal the difficult conditions in their lives and their physical bodies.

External pains and difficulties are always the mirrors of inner pains and fears. They mirror what needs to be healed and transformed in one's consciousness. One counselor from Telos focuses on the emotional body, another focuses on the mental body and a third one on the healing of the physical body, all in total harmony and synchronicity. The healing becomes more balanced with the understanding and transformation of the internal programming of each individual. All aspects of each individual must be addressed and balanced so a person can return to his/her wholeness.


What you need to do is to set your intention to come to this temple in your meditation or before you go to sleep at night. You may say the following prayer to your God Self and your Guides and Masters: "From the Lord God of my Being, I request to be taken to The Great Jade Temple in Telos tonight. I now ask my guides, masters and angels to take me there as my body rests from the activities of the day." You may also formulate your own prayer requests. Set the intention that you want to come here for recharging, for purification, for healing, for counseling, or simply to have communion and interaction with the people from Telos under the energies of the flame of healing.

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