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TELOS: The Inner Earth City (part 21)

How can we heal all our traumas that caused us to disconnect from so many wondrous aspects of ourselves in order to survive? How can we heal ourselves in a few short years and prepare for the great planetary shift?

You can accomplish this through a DEEP SURRENDER to the Inner process of Healing. The I AM of your being knows exactly how to assist you in your total healing and take you all the way back HOME in the least painful manner. Healing the pain of the past is a gradual process but also the greatest adventure of all your many incarnations here, and the one that will open the doors of your soul to your spiritual FREEDOM. It is leading you, step by step, to reconnect consciously with all the wondrous aspects of your Greatest Self. In the process, your hearts will open a thousandfold. As your hearts open, you will begin to see and understand all that has happened through the eyes of the soul.

Your heart is the great intelligence of your soul and is ONE with the mind of God. It knows everything, holds all memories of all aspects of you since the beginning, and it will never mislead you. Your heart is the part of your being-ness that you must learn to know and really trust again. You have closed your hearts because your pain and fear have been so great. Closure was a form of protection for you in the past. It served your evolution in wondrous ways that you will come to understand one day, but now it no longer serves you. It is time for all of you to finally come HOME to the LIGHT and LOVE of your Divinity.

Many of you still cling to your old pain and fears simply because you are afraid to Open your Hearts to Unconditional Love and release your erroneous beliefs. You fear that if you open your hearts to LIFE unconditionally, you may suffer even more pain. Old fears and pain have become so familiar to you that have found a distorted level of security and comfort in them.

How do we actually OPEN our Hearts and ALLOW our emotional bodies to begin the healing process?

There is no recipe that will work for everyone. Each one is unique and has different issues to heal. Each one of you has a different emotional make-up and your own distinct healing process, but success for all will be achieved. Basically, you start the process through choice, sustained intention, and conscious and active meditation. Daily communication with your Higher Self is also essential. Ask that part of you that remains in Divine Wholeness to reveal what needs healing in the NOW moment, and to bring it forth into your conscious awareness.

Start signaling to your I AM Presence with serious intention that you want to ascend and be whole again, and that you want to reconnect and integrate all parts of yourself. Willingly surrender your desire with TRUST and LOVE to whatever process is necessary to receive that healing. Be assured that you will receive the full cooperation of your HIGHER SELF and the whole of the Light realm. Your healing will take place at every level.

Your Higher Self has been waiting for your return to GRACE for a very long time. Be assured of its full cooperation. Never allow yourself to judge the process. Soon, you will find yourself on the other side, in this wondrous world you have been longing and dreaming about through the ages. Your Higher Self communicates with you through your emotions. This means that you need to Pay Attention to what you are FEELING at ALL TIMES. If it is not pleasant, simply release it through the fires of of the heart and keep moving to the next healing, and then the next, until you are whole again. Your Higher Self will draw to you the right books, the right people and the right opportunities to ensure your success. If you open your mind and heart to your healing with sustained intention and diligence, the process can unfold with ease and grace.

Your healing process will continue to progress as you remain focused in your intention. It may appear to be a lot of work at first, but see it as a Journey back to the SUN of your being and know that the process is filled with rewards and fulfillment along the way. You are NOT alone in this journey. All your Angels, Guides, Masters, as well as US in the NEW LEMURIA, are accompanying YOU at every step. The entire spiritual hierarchy of this planet, your Earth Mother and the whole of the Light realm are at your Back and CALL to assist your healing. Know that you deserve our LOVE and Assistance. Never hesitate to ask.

As your healing progresses, your energy will come back. Your physical body will start letting go of the pain and traumas of the past and you will begin to REJUVENATE. You will feel yourself becoming more alive and vibrant. Humanity has been working with 5% to 10% of its FULL Potential as Divine Beings. The rest of your being has been there all along in a state of slumber. WAKE-UP and Heal Yourselves! As you open your hearts and let go of your pain, you will become more and more ALIVE. The joy you feel will be amplified Many Times. Your mental faculties will expand and you may discover a new sense of AWE and FREEDOM. Consciously open yourself to GRACE and allow yourself to receive those energies in your body DAILY.

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