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TELOS: The Inner Earth City (part 22)

Do we actually ever reach a point where the healing is done?

Yes. Every time you work these things out within yourself, you go deeper and deeper. You are peeling off layers, and some of them go very deep. When you think you have reached the last layer, you start feeling better and you think the healing is complete; but then, the pain may surface again to be healed on a much deeper level. This is why now, in this particular time of the last incarnation for many of you, the healing process seems more endless than ever before. In this lifetime, everything comes together, not from one or two or six incarnations, but from totality of your incarnations on the Earth. Most of you have had thousands of incarnations on this planet. Everything manifests now in your lives to be healed, every little thing. It may appear worse now than before because you are consciously looking at it.

Does the toxicity we encounter in our daily lives impact the speed of our healing process?

Yes. It adds to your burdens. Let me explain this. You have various bodies, what you call subtle bodies. You also have four main body systems: the physical vehicle, the emotional body, the mental body and the etheric body. Each of these has a number of sub-levels as well; that is why we talk of 9 subtle bodies or 12 subtle bodies or more. We will not explore all of this now as it is too complex for this discussion. We will focus on the main four bodies that each represents 25% of your totality. They work together, so when you suppress one you suppress the others. When you heal one, you bring relief to the others. It is important to know that when you ingest or inhale toxic chemical substances, certain of them are fairly easy to clear from the body, while with others the body has no mechanism of elimination.

Twenty-first century chemicals and pollution have been so thoroughly incorporated into your food, water, and air supply, the body has great difficulty eliminating them. The level of toxins within your bodies continues to build. When the body was designed, these man-made toxic substances did not exist. They have a tendency to lodge in the cells, and only the right application of homeopathic and vibrational remedies can eliminate those undesirable vibrations. It is quite complicated. Do what you can to ingest into your bodies only the purest type of water and foods. When you do not feel well physically, your emotions rise up and your mental faculties are not as sharp. When you do not feel emotionally balanced, your physical body does not feel well either because it is all connected. When your thoughts are negative or in judgment, you lower the vibration of all your bodies. You cannot separate any part of yourself without affecting the whole.

We can Never be Whole until we AWAKEN, and until we Heal Each One of these bodies?

You cannot become whole if you avoid healing any part of your energetic make-up. True and permanent healing takes place when you create balanced healing at all levels. There are people who are physically ill, let's say with cancer. They spend a fortune in trying to achieve physical healing by cut, burn and poison modalities of the medical establishment but their emotional state, which may in part have caused the cancer, is never addressed. In fact, these treatments add much more stress and trauma to the already overburdened emotional body. What kind of permanent healing can be expected from such denial of a basic aspect of SELF?

Billions of dollars are being spent each year in the application of band-aid solutions. Some people experience temporary remission at times, but what occurs is Not True and Permanent Healing. Even if temporary or short-term relief is gained, IF the Soul has Not gained any Understanding or Wisdom from experiencing the illness, true healing has not taken place. If the person dies from the cut, burn and poison method, healing and understanding are not achieved because the ROOT of the problems in the Emotional Body were Ignored. Whatever the cause of the cancer, IF NOT addressed in one lifetime, Will Be Repeated again in subsequent incarnations until the deeper understanding and wisdom are learned.

Your I AM Presence requires that you learn all of your lessons of wisdom and truth before you can access your total spiritual freedom and your return to wholeness. This is why you have had so many incarnations.

Angels and many other beings from the Light realm working with humanity come regularly to the temple for purification and recharging. The Great Jade Temple serves as a means of decontamination for them, a setting in which to unload the discordant energies picked up from their contact with surface humanity.

Your God Self works from the level of creation. It works very closely with angels, ascended masters and with us (people from Telos) in facilitating your healing. We are never permitted to perform healing for you without the permission of your Divine Presence. In all your efforts to heal yourself, you must include and reconnect with your I AM Presence and state your Intention for whatever it is you want to accomplish or heal. If we did it for you, how could you ever become a Master of Divine Expression?

Sometimes, people get angry with the ascended masters or angelic presences because they feel their prayer requests have not been answered the way they expected. In doing so, they deny the divine source of their desires, closing their hearts to further assistance.

Perhaps you asked a certain ascended master to receive the money to go on a trip, and the trip did not materialize. Or you wanted to manifest a relationship with a specific person, and it did not happen either. Instead of surrendering the issue to Divine Grace and the Greater Wisdom of your Divinity, who knows what is best for your chosen pathway for this life, you become angry at God or the ascended master. You decided you will no longer have anything to do with them, and you close the door.

This kind of attitude is common in humanity. Those engaging in such emotions deprive themselves of much assistance, grace and blessings for that given incarnation. What you do not realize is that no ascended master or angelic presence can go beyond the pathway of your soul. Your I AM knows exactly what you need to learn and accomplish to meet the goals you set for this lifetime. Any angel or ascended master will always work in full cooperation with your Divine Self to assist the Greater Plan and Ultimate Destiny.


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