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TELOS: The Inner Earth City (part 23)

Your I AM Presence is your governor, and your soul represents the sum total of all your experiences. Ascension is the process of unifying all of this into oneness; you become totally whole again. You become the personification of your Divine SELF, manifesting the fullness of your Divinity. The final stage of Ascension is the most wonderful event that could ever happen in anyone's evolution. For so many lifetimes you have worked toward the goal, and in this lifetime you can achieve it fully. You can become all that you ever wanted to be, because the doors of Ascension are NOW wide open, like never before in millions of years.

Conscious Meditation to The Great Jade Temple

The Great Jade Temple is a famous and sacred place where beings from all dimensions on this planet and beyond come for healing. Those of the Light realms who directly assist humanity also come to this temple to cleanse and recharge their energies. It is used by Galactic Beings as well. This healing temple is visited by many civilizations. It is mainly constructed of the purest concentration of Jade.

Center yourself in your heart; sit comfortably and relax; begin to receive and integrate the healing energies. You are now invited to come with Adama (The High Priest in Telos) on a journey in consciousness to Telos to experience the Great Jade Temple beneath Mount Shasta. You are traveling here in your etheric body. As you continue to focus in your heart, ask your Higher Self and your Guides to take you along for this experience. There are many Telosians there, waiting to receive you. Invite your Team of Angels Guides to take you to Telos in consciousness to the portal of The Great Jade Temple. All your Guides are familiar with this place, and they know exactly how to take you there.

Totally relax your body and breathe deeply as you focus your intention to visit The Great Jade Temple. Now imagine yourself there. See yourself arriving at the portal of this huge temple, a four-sided pyramid made of the finest quality of jade stones. The head priest, a guardian of this temple, greets you. Notice the floor tiled with Jade and pure Gold. Fountains of golden green luminescent Light are shooting their essence about 30 feet in the air from several areas, creating a very mystical effect. Feel yourself there and look at whatever is shown to you. Feel the air that you are now breathing in the temple and feel the invigorating energy created by all the fountains of pure healing energy permeating the air everywhere. How refreshing and rejuvenating it is for your whole body! Though you are there in your etheric body, you will bring back some of this vibration to your physical body when you return. That is why it is so important to breathe deeply, taking in as much of the healing energy as you can.

Flowers of all shapes, sizes and colors, along with a large variety of emerald green plants, are growing in large jade boxes creating a most magical environment. As you gaze upon this most magical beauty, feel the energies of the temple. Keep taking in as much of this energy as you can.

The Head Priest introduces each one of you to a member of our community of Telos who will be your guide and assistant for your journey here. As you enter the Temple with your guide, you see a very large stone made of pure jade, oval shaped, about 10 feet in diameter and 6 feet high. This stone resonates with the purest and highest healing vibration. On the top of the stone, you see a round chalice made of gold and jade. It has a flat base and sides about ten inches high. It is hosting the emerald green unfed Flame of Healing that has been burning to assist humanity for millions of years.

Now feel this huge flame deeply in your Soul, in your Heart and in your Emotional body. Yes, you can also take your emotional body there. This awesome flame burns perpetually and maintains a major Healing Energy Matrix for the planet. This flame has Consciousness. It is fed eternally by the Love of the Holy Spirit, the Angelic Kingdom, and the Love of the Lemurians and Telosians. As you approach the Jade stone, you are invited by the Guardian of the Healing Flame to sit on a chair made of pure Jade, and to meditate and contemplate what in your life needs healing the most. What changes in your consciousness are you willing to make to bring about that healing?

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