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The time has come for the Lemurian Consciousness to be revived and known again on the surface of this planet. It represents the consciousness of the Source Energy of our Creator. It is nothing less than the return of the Christ consciousness in its most practical form for ALL to apply. The New Lemuria is not just a place to go; it is most of all a state of Being, of Perfection, of Christ-hood and Divinity manifested in the Fifth Dimensional Vibration, retaining a luminous and perfected level of physicality.

All ascended civilizations on this planet and beyond are now vigilantly working together in Unity and Harmony to assist the Ascension of Mother Earth and Humanity. This is the time you have waited for so many incarnations. I suggest that You remain centered in Your Heart and focused within your Divine Presence through all the changes and the purification of the planet. The New World you have hoped for, transformed as you have desired, is NOW about to Manifest. I guarantee you that there is nothing to fear. Our Creator is taking this planet back from the energies of rancor and hate, and the vibration of Peace and Love will SOON be in charge again. All of the Light Realms are offering their assistance for the process of your Transformation and Transition into the New World (New Earth - Gaia). What is taking place at this moment upon your planet is so Awesome that this Universe and many others are focused upon You.

What is about to happen has never been done in any system of worlds, solar system or galaxy anywhere.

The transformation that you are about to experience is unique to this planet. You have become the Showcase of this Universe. There are millions upon millions of spaceships, with their large crews and passengers, watching You and sending their LOVE and SUPPORT.

It is most important that you let go of all your attachments to how things have been and how they should be. Let go of all your old belief systems and structures. Life, as you know it at the moment, is about to change drastically for the Better. The purification of your planet will open the way for the TRANSFORMATION that is now on its way. THE TIME IS NOW.

Those of you who choose to ignore or deny the information given will not be able to do so for very long.

A much more intense level of energy designed to bring about the Christing of your planet began to flood the Earth around May of 2002. This energy will continue to accelerate and intensify until You Are comfortably nestled in the BLISS of the Fifth Dimension. If you are not interested in the ascension process, you will sooner or later leave this incarnation and incarnate somewhere else that is more appropriate. There are other third dimensional planets similar to yours at the present time willing to host your life-stream and allow you to continue your evolution at your own pace. There is no obligation to come along; the CHOICE is entirely YOURS.

Know that the long cycle of the third dimensional life on this planet is coming to an end. Your Earth Mother has now chosen to graduate and to receive the CROWN of Her ASCENSION. This means that very soon SHE will host on Her body only Enlightened Civilization. There are also those who, for various reasons, will not be ready to ascend in this life, but will qualify in their very next incarnation. They are the souls who will reincarnate here again in the New Earth to complete their EVOLUTION and make their Ascension the next time. These Beloved Souls will become the children of the Future Generation.

As I mentioned, I AM one of the Guardians of the gate of the Fifth Dimension. Your surrender to the Divine Will will bring much Ease and Grace to Your Journey. It is my great desire to welcome You there personally when the time comes. I AM renewing my invitation for You to come to Mount Shasta in Your Etheric body at night to attend our nightly classes. The focus of our classes is to prepare your Consciousness for the Great Shift. The Mount Shasta Brotherhood of Light and the Lemurian Brotherhood of Light, as well as many other Light Beings, have joined together to assist Humanity in its Ascension process. There are a great number of us ready and available to counsel and work with You personally. The only fee we charge is Your willingness to surrender your human ego to Your Great God SELF. Go with the FLOW of manifestations that will present themselves to You for Your Transformation and Ascension.

I AM El Morya now making myself available to You through my Diamond Heart of the Will of God.

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