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We are the Giants, the remnants of a very ancient civilization that most of you have long forgotten. The millennia have come and gone and we are still here, in gradually decreasing numbers at the hands of rapacious loggers whose only consideration is the amount of money they can make by reducing our population day by day.

As a species of the collective Devic Intelligence, our presence has graced this planet for millions of years, back to the time of the magical Land of Pan. For millions of years, the people of this planet have held us in great awe and respect for the beauty and wisdom we hold, and for the deep sense of peace and harmony we radiate far and wide from the surroundings where we abide. Those who have the ability to communicate and interact with us consciously receive our gifts and the knowledge we possess. Unknown to most of you, we have much knowledge and wisdom to share.

We lived and thrived on the ancient continent of Lemuria, far beyond this western shore.

At one time, our Spirit and physical form were spread nearly everywhere on this planet. At this time, we are the only survivors on the surface of the glory and beauty that once was. We are the historians and a connecting link to your ancestors, to your roots and your past-selves in the Lemurian civilization and beyond. People have complained again and again that Lemuria was lost without any trace. We tell you that we are here unacknowledged. We are the once who survived the cataclysmic changes that occurred 12,000 years ago, and we have remained on the Pacific Coast for your benefit.

Always, in all regions and eras, we have been honored and loved for the gifts from the Earth we were able to distribute freely to all. The West Coast of the United States is now what is left of ancient Lemuria's last trasures, and up until about 60 years ago, thousands upon thousands of acres of Redwoods graced and blessed the West Coast of this country. Now there are only a few meager strips of us left here and there for show.

Although most of us, as a species, have been destroyed by your modern technology and your lack of awareness and consideration, our Spirit continues to live. Every time one of us succumbs to the mechanical saw of lumbermen, the Spirit of the dying tree moves on to another dimension for a new incarnation where it is loved, honored and appreciated. Our species, as a collective Devic Intelligence, also live in many higher dimensions of this planet and beyond, where we thrive and the inhabitants cherish our presence and our gifts. We live in great numbers inside the Earth and the subterranean cities of this planet where we grace the lives of the loving and wise beings who reside in those wondrous places.

In all enlightened societies no one ever cuts our bodies for their personal use or profit until our incarnation is complete and the Spirit has departed from the form. It is only then that the wood is cut with great respect and skill, and used for multiple purposes. The wonderful wood that we provide is one of the many gifts we offer the planet from our Spirit. It is not our purpose to be monopolized by a few profiteers and sold by multi-million dollar industrial corporations who hold no love nor connection with Nature and Devic Evolution. We belong to ALL; no one group or individual has the right to own us and dispose of us as they please.

Stewardship of land and animals are major evolutionary initiations on the Path of Life.

Never can you claim to truly own a piece of land. By Divine Rights all land belongs to the body of your Earth Mother. She is sovereign. If you think you own a piece of land or rights to some land, you are only temporary stewards of that land. You are also

totally accountable to the Higher Councils for what you do with it. In all enlightened societies, because wood is used wisely and judiciously, there is plenty for everyone and needs are supplied without any rationing or scarcity.

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