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TELOS: Protocols of 5D (part 4)

In childhood, the soul undergoes phases of change. From birth you begin to learn that you are in a place of limitation, confusion and separation from your heart and from your soul. You learn to relate through your mind and in a specific timeframe. Initially, life is an experience of isolation until you recognize the ALL THAT IS the Source of You and the Universe. Your Real SELF is timeless and unlimited.

Mastery does not mean knowing everything as some of you may believe. Life is a continuous process of unfolding. The Creator exists in a perpetual state of creation and so do you. True mastery is understanding how to use that which is within as well as that which is outside yourself. True mastery involves KNOWING in the moment only THAT which is appropriate for that moment.

STEP THREE is a sacred one. It is the experience of communion with your soul as a doorway to your GodSelf.

Your soul contains every emotion ever experienced by you, and relates to all experience in the NOW moment. As you begin to deconstruct the belief system that keep you asleep and in illusion, do not approach this practice lightly or impatiently.

Make a list of a belief system that limit you. These may be beliefs that others hold about you, or uncomfortable beliefs you hold about yourself. These may be beliefs that you hold about the world around you or your spiritual journey. Make a list of your "good" or "bad" beliefs without any judgment and dig deep within for subtle belief systems, uncovering the layers one by one.

BE HONEST as nothing is hidden in the vibration of the fifth dimension. Carry the list with you and add to it, until you feel completion.

It may be difficult to look at beliefs you have so carefully wrapped around yourself for protection. Yet each of these beliefs holds a piece of your energy, a portion of your God-Force that is needed for your complete awakening. And so, the moment is NOW, to begin reclaiming the truth of who you are, not intellectually by energetically.

Again, SELF-COMPASSION is greatly needed here, if you are to surrender unconditionally to each belief system and its embedded emotions long enough to garner the wisdom and healing from it.

Before you detach permanently from the belief, you must reclaim your energy from it, or part of you will continue to be in separation.

Your SOUL is indeed the doorway to the awakening of your True Self, for it operates both in the consciousness of separation and that of the Divine. It allows for the wholeness of Self and holds all that you deem positive and negative in perception and experience. And it does so with NEUTRALITY and Unconditional Compassion.

Your soul holds the experience and the emotion of all the choices you have made in this lifetime and every other incarnation of your evolution. It holds the understanding of the choice you made at the time each belief system was imprinted in the ego. The ego does not create patterns of belief from malice or judgment, but through the eons of separation, it has taken over the role of protector. The ego has been the guardian of individuation for a planet and a human race that chose this experience. But now the time of UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS is at hand. You are called forth to heal all that holds you back.

We suggest that you make another list of what you know, in the depths of your heart, to be true about yourself. Be non-judgmental. Explore the difference between what you think you already know in your mind and the true Knowingness that comes form ONENESS with your Divine Essence. To create this list you must once again delve beneath the layers of limitation, and move aside old teachings and paradigms of BEING. You must listen with the simplest and purest of motives.

This list will not come in words from the mind as did the first one, but from the heart as vibration. This vibration will grow stronger and clearer until you experience a tone of such unmistakable truth that you will feel the totality of your being expand. Only then may you add an item to the list because only then will you truly KNOW.

Add to this list from this time onward; it will continue to evolve as you awaken. The energy waves this list creates will travel through All Time and Space and Dimensions that comprise your Soul Evolution. Most importantly, this list will carry your True Energy. You will begin to live it in such INTEGRITY that no one in ALL of Creation will dispute Its Truth. It will become a blessed tool for your MASTERY.

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