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TELOS: Protocols of 5D (part 6)

The master brings to his path all lifetimes and soul experiences. At the level of evolution on which you and the planet now find yourselves, this encapsulation of experience and the wisdom you gain from it happens instantly. All of your lifetimes are attached to this present one, and you affect them all through these practices. All that is taking place in your life and the world around you, even what you consider illusion, is a gift for your evolving awareness.

You are ultimately mirror for your dimension. Just as we made a conscious choice to bring forth the complete mirror of ascension in our realm, in our societies and ourselves, you must now join, in a responsible way, with the ascension of your planet. You must want to awaken NOW to the Divine Love and Truth that YOU are. You must want to remove any obstacles or limitations of self that hinder you from bringing forth this truth in physical manifestation at this time. You must want, in the depths of your heart, to be part of the human mirror you are creating, for on levels beyond your comprehension, you represent the greatest collective understanding of the God-Force that the physical Earth plane has ever known.

You are preparing Your Hearts as sacred ground where multitudes will soon walk. You must first receive your own homecoming, however, before you can show others the way to theirs. You must first awaken to your own truth and step back through the layers of self-judgment and separation. Claim now the parts of yourself that have been locked away from the pure vibration of love and trust.

Every evolutionary choice on this planet has to do with SELF. The mind cannot comprehend these changes, but the heart can. Who you are and who you recognize yourself to be will change exponentially with a grace and power that is unprecedented when you recognize these truths. These new perspectives will then light up the strands of your DNA that have been dormant, waiting for this time. Every strand of the human DNA is designed to evolve the physical body very rapidly based on shifts in consciousness. This is why the transmissions of energy to this planet are intensifying daily. Your immune systems and your organs are learning to refute any vibration or consciousness that does not recognize the truth of who you are.

You are able at this moment, just as we are, to create yourselves disease-free, as long as your consciousness is aligned with this freedom. You are able in this moment to interact with multiple dimensions that are the matrix of your universe as long as you are awake to your own energy matrix. We speak to all of you now who are struggling with levels of fatigue that seem at odds with this truth.

This fatigue is not born of the body, although the body will learn to mirror it if experienced long enough. This fatigue is a depletion of source energy that arises from a lack of alignment with SELF. Living your daily existence outside the frequencies of LOVE, TRUST, COMPASSION, GRATITUDE and GRACE is exhausting you.

Choosing a daily spiritual practice which dissolves the limiting beliefs and judgments that preclude you from these Divine Energies will restore your vital physical energy. This choice will re-align your system as if connecting the pipes of your kitchen sink, so that the energy you want can easily flow again.

STEP FOUR of this practice is three-fold: Each morning, upon rising, take some time in solitude to contemplate your state of being, honestly and without judgment. Ask your guides and support team, such as us, and your own higher SELF, to release old beliefs and limitations that no longer serve you. Ask the universe to provide you with a new perspective each morning, and allow yourself to be in a state of unknowing with the mind and knowing with the heart.

Ask the universe to provide you with easy and graceful mirrors where needed to fully awaken your consciousness. And ask that, throughout the day, your physical energy grows in equal proportion to the conscious work you do in relation to healing yourself.

Throughout the day, work regularly with the energies of love, trust, faith, compassion, grace and gratitude. Call into yourself, into your physical body, into your cells and your DNA, the purest vibrations of these energies. You are building an energy signature in your body. You are overwriting, in effect, the old frequencies and beliefs that have limited you, with the full potential of who you truly are.

Be aware, as you go through your day, of the vibration generated by each thought, word or deed. Learn to recognize that which expands your energy and that which collapses it.

Each evening, recognize and embrace in profound honor all that you have given yourself that day. Recognize that in this giving to SELF you have indeed given to all of Creation. Then state the intention that while you sleep, you will continue to integrate through the heart all the new wisdom recognized that day. Ask that the cells of your physical heart and the strands of your physical DNA expand to your NEW VIBRATION, and that this evolution take place for all time and space and dimensions.

In this way you will replace old patterns and imprints that no longer represent the truth of who you are. Who you are will change daily, and your NEW FREQUENCY, in communion with all those around you, will be felt throughout this universe and all others, back to the Great Central Sun and the Creator energy itself. With compassion, we solicit your recognition that the use of these practices does not entail forcing yourself into another consciousness. Practice means allowing yourself to open to the Limitless Potential that already exists Within You.

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