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TELOS: Protocols of 5D (part 8)

The Heart of LEMURIA can be described and illuminated many ways. I, Celestia, will speak to you of the feminine energies of the Heart. All sentient beings experience life within the framework of this Great Mother we call Earth and its rhythm to LIFE. It expresses itself through a vibration or frequency that guides us when we are receptive to it. As you tune your heart to the energies of the Great Mother, you will gradually start vibrating to Her rhythm.

On the surface of the Earth, much emphasis has been given to the qualities of the mind. The pure energy of the Heart has been forgotten and replaced with an active extension of the "Intellect" applied to all things. The mind has become an active force in your evolution, rather than the passive structure and tool that was originally intended. The mind's original purpose was to be a faculty in service to the heart and not the other way around.

In your evolution, most have ignored the promptings of their heart. You have lost your former ability to recognize that the Heart is the Great Intelligence of the SOUL. The heart knows everything, will always offer the best and highest guidance and will always direct you toward Your Highest Good. For a very long time, you have allowed your human mind to be in service to the ego instead of the HEART. The human mind, controlled by the altered ego, has become overly cluttered with fears, judgments and erroneous concepts, and together, they control all your internal programming.

This is why, in abandoning your heart energy long ago and giving priority to the mind, you have created, lifetime after lifetime, a series of painful experiences, poverty and misery. The human mind does not have the wisdom of the heart and is unable to offer you the wisdom of the Mind of GOD. Only the Heart holds the Magic KEY. Originally, the mind was designed to be a receptor of information in service to the heart. It was the heart that knew exactly what to do with the information.

The practice of the Heart of LEMURIA begins with a return to the origins of your consciousness, where in the passive mind surrenders to the active HEART. As created, the human consciousness expressed itself through an ego, or mind, that was informed directly by the Logos, or Heart of the DIVINE. The mind itself was a wondrous tool, and was utilized to learn and analyze the myriad sensory inputs that the evolving human experienced. It was the Heart, however, that had the ability to choose the right action and engage in it. Again we say this with much emphasis.




It is not a judgment of the role of the mind, but rather the TRUTH of its purpose. In order to analyze, one must differentiate. In order to learn, to acquire intellectual knowledge, one must observe one reality at a time, and quantify or qualify it.

The heart, however, holds the frequency that is open and receptive to All Possibilities. It connects us to ALL THAT IS and does not question or analyze that connection. The Heart Trusts. It takes in All that is available as a continuous FLOW, and beats to this rhythm of Life with Joy and Wonder. And from this TRUST, acceptance and COMPASSION is born. To understand who we are, we must accept what we do. To understand what others are, we must accept what they do. When we truly understand others, how can we fail to love them as fully as they love themselves? How can we not trust them as completely as we trust ourselves?

The heart holds a frequency that is open and receptive to all possibilities. We cannot emphasize this enough: The heart trusts. This frequency is inherent in each and every one of you, whether you choose to recognize it or not. It is not something you need to learn and it is not something you need to analyze in order to create it. It is not something you need to clear a space for, or open your heart wide for. This frequency just IS.

To reiterate what we hear most often here in Telos from you, our Lemurian brothers and sisters, is "When will the veil lift? When will we see you? When will we be able to visit with you in the physical reality in which we currently live?" The answer is: "It will all happen when your heart is allowed to inform the vibration of your surrendered mind."

To lift the veil, the mind must open to all possibilities. To KNOW the secrets that exist on the other side of the veil, one must experience through the vibration of the HEART. One must simply listen to the frequency that exists within all of us, throughout every instant of creation.

On the surface you carry the same Heart Frequency that we do in Telos. Your mind may tell you this is not true, but your heart trusts. Trust is the Core energy of the Heart. You may feel that your heart has closed itself off from this vibration, or that you cannot feel it in your life or in the people who surround you, but this is not truth. Your heart trusts.

You each form your own boundaries of trust. You form them in the truths you adhere to, in the families, communities and nations you create and experience on the surface. You do not need to deny your boundaries, for they are who you are in this moment. We are here to honor them, for in time, their energies will be transformed through contact with the heart's vibration of trust.

Your minds may not yet own this possibility, but your hearts were created in it. None of you in physical form can disown it because it is the energy that keeps you incarnate. This energy keeps you in the game of life that you have chosen, with open and receptive hearts, to participate in.

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