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TELOS: Protocols of 5D (part 9)

I, Ahnahmar, now wish to speak to you of the relationship between the Heart's energy and the point of LIGHT we call CREATION.

It is through PASSION and INTENTION that all is created in your world and ours. Energy and frequency gather in complementary networks. The grid of electro-magnetic energies called by many, including us, LATTICE energy, holds the structure of universal energy. It is through this grid that all beings present themselves to the Universe.

We communicate our intentions by using our own heart energy (our passion) to inform the SCALAR energies that hold the complementary frequency. These scalar waves fill the void within the grid-work.

This process of creation is then enjoined with the focus of the mind or ego, so that a singular event may be extended out from the totality of the whole. The extension then takes form in the physical plane, and becomes a reality in human consciousness.

Creation indeed takes place the moment that your human consciousness first becomes aware of it. With each and every thought, the energies of the lattice and the scalar meet to form a point of light that is then expanded, if you so desire. This cycle of heart - to mind - to heart is lightning fast, and much of the time you are not even aware of it. For many, it has become a case of the chicken and the egg, for there is confusion as to what starts the process, the heart or the mind. On the surface, much credence has been given to the mind as instigator.

I will say to you that the HEART is always the CREATOR. In the pool of wisdom that is the heart resides true inspiration for all that surrounds you. The heart's language is more subtle; however, it is often even timid, for you have not given much support to the heart's frequency in your dimension. In truth, the high incidence of heart disease on your plane is a direct symptom of this, as is most other disease.

To understand the process, this cycle of creation, we must recognize another aspect of heart energy, that of active intention. We call this intention PASSION. In your dimension, most of the credit for inspiration has been given to the mind. The mind has been given leadership over all aspects of your consciousness.

In your world, this leadership of the mind over the heart has led to strife, both internal and external; for the leadership of the mind leads to separation instead of unity. Yet the mind is a necessary tool in the process of creation, so then how do we reconcile this? To return to full consciousness, as divine beings, it is imperative that you NOW begin to TURN the LEADERSHIP over to the HEART, and allow it to rule rather than the mind.

How does this happen in practical terms? First you must develop a greater understanding of the nature of the mind. It exists in human consciousness as two minds, which we will term the higher mind and the lower mind. The Higher Mind is the center for inspiration, for it is directly in touch with both your Heart and the Divine Mind.

The Higher Mind is itself a Center of Receptivity, storing all impressions and experiences that you encounter in your evolution. The higher mind inevitably feels a pressure to grasp more than it is responsible for. It suffers a need to understand all that is presented to it, and to find a resolution for it. Yet it cannot, for RESOLUTION is found ONLY through the HEART.

The first step is to practice PATIENCE in the Higher Mind. Allow this part of your mind to relax, to observe and to communicate to your heart its impressions and the inspiration it receives from the Divine Mind. Accept this process and do not try to turn off the mind, as so many practices instruct you to do. In order to achieve this, one must ease the focus on the mind and relax its responsibility to do something. It is the Heart energy that is responsible for this, although not by doing, but by BEING.

The lower mind has its own set of tools for your evolution. It is the Research Center for your existence and is always focused and busy. While the higher mind is a bridge between the heart and the Divine Mind, the lower mind is the bridge between the heart and the mental plane. The lower mind is the cataloger of all that you take in on the physical plane.

The mind is not designed to surrender. The mind represents the computer that runs your internal programming. It is a wondrous tool with great potential for processing and sharing your human experiences. And yet, the lower mind is not the place from which to choose or to make decisions. It is not the authority on how to do or be in your life. YOUR HEART IS THE ONLY AUTHORITY.

The second step becomes a daily practice of separating yourself form the chatter of your lower mind. This practice will allow your consciousness to listen for the more subtle frequency of your heart's wisdom.

A simple and yet effective method for achieving this is to direct your awareness to the SOUND of your HEARTBEAT.

Divert your attention away from the voice of your lower mind and LISTEN until you can FEEL and HEAR the BEAT of your Heart throughout your entire body. If you need to, physically place your fingers over a pulse point on your body until you can feel the rhythm. Then ENTER into this RHYTHMIC FLOW until you feel at ONE with the center of your being.

Removing control from the mind allows the original frequency stored in your cells to remind you of WHO YOU ARE and lets the energies of other hearts remind you of WHY YOU ARE HERE. A return to the frequency of the HEART reconnects you to the energy of the Divine which can guide you to remember who you are and return you to FULL CONSCIOUSNESS.

You have all become extremely proficient at pondering with the mind, and you have all perfected the art of intellectual evaluation and judgment. In so doing, however, you have permitted an energetic gap to form between yourselves and all that surrounds you. Now is the time to remember and relearn to THINK with the HEART. This form of receptivity is connective, energetically rhythmic and infinitely more attentive to the physical self.

It is within the physical self that you have chosen to experience and learn. You carry with you a cellular template, a lineage of all that you are, including your Lemurian lineage. Your Lemurian self is stored in the energetic memory of your heart. Each of you has an energy template that is unique and yet part of the whole. The information that you seek with your mind regarding your Lemurian heritage is stored in your very cells. Yet, many of you seek to exit this physical storehouse of energy and information about yourself.

You seek to leave your physical incarnation and ascend to another realm where the travails of physicality will not assail you. Yet we say to you with all certainty, that you need to transcend the separation you feel resides within the physical body that you have ceased to love.

Heart energy keeps you in incarnation. The information of the heart allows you to reconnect the physical with the spiritual. It is the animating force that connects your soul with all other souls. Your heartbeat tunes you to the collective cellular memory that recalls the spiritual paradise you believe you lost, while in truth, you have never lost it. You have only created a veil behind which you give your authority away to the mind which is no longer open to all possibilities.

Choose from the heart, LIVING from the Heart instead of the mind, is a collective, connective action that restores the memory of the LOVE of BEING ALIVE. It celebrates the wonder and gift of physicality with guidance from a sentient heart. It returns all life to a "doing" that does not try to make things happen as the mind does, but allows you to be available and receptive to all that exists, including the PASSION that is your natural birthright. For this is the TRUE HEART of the matter. It is the heart of all matter.

Physical life, the solidness that has been crated in your dimension, is not devoid of light. It is not darker because it is denser that the dimension in which we reside. It is darker because you have lost your love for it. You have concluded that another place, another dimension, is where you desire to be, withdrawing your passion from the plane in which you exist. Without this passion, this energy of the heart, you have lost the connection with your DIVINE ESSENCE. You have transferred authority to others, to masters whom you believe to be more evolved and more enlightened than you. You have made us in TELOS your gods, much as the ancient Romans and Greeks did. But we are not any different than you are.

All that we are resides within your cells as well. The only difference is that we recognize it fully and love it unconditionally. We also share it with all those surrounding us. We speak to each other from our hearts, an we store and imprint our hearts with all experiences for ourselves and for our lineage.

We follow a practice of BEING which differs from those primarily mind techniques that many of you use. What we do is not based on meditation. You could call it allowing ourselves to "contemplate" rather than to meditate. And we reach with our practices very high levels of heightened awareness. What we practice is not based on visualization or imagery techniques either, which still require mental effort, and place the emphasis on something you are not rather than something you are. For example, we contemplate the INFINITE aspects of our DIVINITY in order to RAISE our vibration to higher levels and INTEGRATE those new truths we constantly discover about ourselves.

We start by becoming SILENT and STILL enough to Listen to our own Hearts Beat. We lighten the attention of our minds and let the mind talk to itself for a while. Then we allow our receptivity to expand to all that is around us. We do not tune out the world around us, but instead TUNE IN with all of our senses by becoming one with the flow that is around us and within us.

The heart has its own emotional intellect. It senses and records all that impacts it. As it becomes entrained to the gentle energetic waves of nature, with the physical world around it, we know with complete consciousness that we have contacted the world through our heart.

We allow the heart lessons that are around us in every moment to inform us, and we store them in our cellular memory. We shift time, for when the heart is tuned to its inherent frequency in the present moment and in the flow of ALL THAT IS, self, time and space are united in ONENESS.

Lastly, we send out our heart lessons out to the world around us. For in truth, this is the true act of creation. It is the true being and doing which informs all of our existence and yours. The inspiration and the passion of the heart are bonded to the inspiration and passion of the Divine. The attention of the mind is then focused on it, for WHERE AWARENESS GOES, so GOES the ENERGY to SUSTAIN IT. And finally, the creation is anchored into the cellular template of the physical wherein it takes form. The point of LIGHT that blossoms at the intersection of soul touching soul, of heart energy touching heart energy, receives true expression in the physical world.

Follow this practice of heart and mind. Allow your being and your consciousness to connect with the HEART of LEMURIA once again, and you will find yourself in the PARADISE that you are yearning for.

We greet you as always, with our hearts open and receptive to all the possibilities that exist in your dimension and ours. We offer our support in assisting you to remember your real identity, and who you have always been. With love and blessings until we meet again, I now turn you over to our beloved Adama.

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