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TELOS: Protocols of 5D (part 11)

The Effects and Uses of the Enhanced Crystal Grid: The crystal grid, or crystal life-stream as it is also known, has essentially two parts, one physical and one etheric. The primary uses of the grid relate to energy amplification (in the physical) and storage and transfer of information (in the etheric). The grid is a direct conduit for human consciousness to access and enjoy full perceptivity in the lower Earth dimensions. Human consciousness, or mind-stream, is in truth the third grid that will be adjusted during the ascension of planet Earth.

The crystal grid has always been in place within and around the planet Earth. What you have experienced recently is an expansion of the effects of the grid in the DNA of both the planet and yourselves. This is a direct result of ascension of the energies of the crystal grid into a higher and purer vibration. What you are experiencing today as you interact with the crystal grid in the ascension process is what the planet herself is undergoing. Through this interaction with the planet's process, your physical bodies are also restructuring. Your own crystalline structure is ascending through the adjustments of your DNA. This happens as you increase and maintain your level of LOVE and LIGHT QUOTIENT, day by day through the energies of the HEART. There is really no other way.

Why is this happening? It is happening because it is NOW time for humanity and for the earth to MOVE into a much HIGHER LEVEL of EXISTENCE. It is also because you have chosen it from the level of your Higher Self. You have had enough of separation, and you have requested the necessary assistance to bring forth the change within yourself and on your planet. Throughout the last 20 Earth years, as measurements were taken of your willingness to move out of the denser energies in which you have resided for so long, the grids have been re-calibrated for your benefit. First the magnetic grid, the geomagnetic lifestream of the planet, was adjusted. This allowed for a greater connection with the etheric realms, and dissolution of much of the veil of duality and illusion.

Then the crystal grid was raised into a higher vibration and many of you heard the call to work more actively with these energies. All of you are experiencing the vibrational shift of the grid, whether you are conscious of it or not. Your own vibrational rate is entraining itself to that of the grid, and so the planet as a whole is fully involved now in the ASCENSION PROCESS.

To interact with the grid in a more conscious manner, you must gain a fuller understanding of its uses. You must make a commitment within your heart to access the grid only as appropriate, for the good of the whole. In times past, as witnessed in the age of Atlantis, this grid was often accessed for corrupt purposes. While the lessons learned and the experience gained was valuable beyond question, you still need to fully understand its proper use. The misuse of the grid will not be allowed to happen again. Those who might try will face a quick return of their negative energies upon themselves, and the karmic consequences of their self-centered agenda.

Since the fall of Atlantis and Lemuria, the etheric crystal grid was moved away from the atmosphere of the planet. This action was taken to protect the grid from further misuse and corruption of its matrix. The planet and humanity were allowed to live without its direct etheric influence for a long time, and this has greatly diminished your natural spiritual faculties, what you call spiritual gifts. As a result, you have lived since with less than 10% of your full potential, compared to the 100% you once enjoyed. This action was taken because it was recognized within the mind of God, and translated through the spiritual hierarchy, that the errors of Atlantis could very well be repeated. If allowed, there are still those in incarnation at this time who would very much like to recreate a similar scenario. Fortunately, their numbers are smaller than before, and very soon, they will have to transform and embrace their Divinity or ship out to continue their evolution elsewhere.

We did not understand the fall at the time. We needed to understand and integrate what happened and with wisdom gained from it. We did not wish to blame or punish anyone for the events in Atlantis. In truth, all who resided there as part of that great experiment did so willingly. We honored them for the role they played in increasing our understanding of all aspects of Spirit. But the extreme misuse of energies that threatened the life of the planet forced the Creator to end the evolution of that civilization prematurely. The lessons were not allowed to come to completion.

Following the fall of Atlantis, we moved the etheric crystal grid away. This disconnection created the breeding ground for new human lessons and the events of your history. Much experience was chosen, created and learned that would never have happened in the purer atmosphere of the grid. We eventually came to understand the fall of Atlantis and its contribution to the human experience of FREE WILL. Today we find a world once again poised for self-destruction, although perhaps not with such violence and devastation. This time the scenario is more like a slow and painful auto-immune disease, which eats the organism away from within.

So, my friends, we are now once again connected into the grid, both in your realm and in our own. We are all involved in a process that will lead to the eventual reopening of the HEART of LEMURIA. The lessons of disconnection from God have been learned and relearned, explored and examined from every angle. We have gathered all the knowledge that we can from it, and it is time to move on.

Throughout your recorded art and history, CREATION has been depicted as the DIVINE SPARK igniting into FORM. This is a beautiful and powerful image that caries the full majesty and grace of the Divine. It inspires PURITY of emotion in those who view it, but the full properties of manifestation involve more than just inspiration. One cannot create in the physical world without the physical process of CRYSTALIZATION.

Crystals, and the process through which they are formed, unite both the higher and lower aspects of the Divine. It represents in that moment of inception a UNION between the Divine and the Elementals that reside in the Earth. It also represents a downloading of information, as each crystal is a storehouse for particular energies and experiences.

Many of you have had one or several lifetimes in pure crystalline form. Many of you have imbued crystals with aspects of your Greater Self for the betterment and education of others who came after you. Many of you have imbued crystals with aspects of yourselves so that you, yourself, could reunite with them later through the conduit of the crystal.

While the spirit that resides within a crystal may not appear as active as your own, it is in fact equally, if not more, expansive when directly activated by a willing spirit in human form. The seeming slower rate of vibration in some crystals is a function of eons of patient service spent embedded in one physical location for millions of years that these spirits have performed. We owe them a great debt for their willingness to remain in place, anchoring their energies until the time arrives for their release into the Greater Crystal Matrix.

As the Etheric Crystal Grid was once again moved closer to the planet, it awakened and reunited all the Guardians of our energies which reside in physical crystal form. The physical crystal grid of this planet was reactivated with the WILL of the Divine. Through this physical grid the full ASCENSION process of the Earth Herself has begun, and will continue until the vibration of the planet reaches a dimensional shift and reunites with higher aspects of Her Divine Essence. Human Consciousness will then reach a New and Greater level of AWARENESS.

At this time, you who have taken this journey with the Earth will begin to embody again your higher aspects and reunite with us. Indeed, we are these higher aspects of you. Today many crystals are ascending into higher forms of service.

This new human awareness will grow through higher information and understanding which crystals impart willingly when asked. The greatest awareness will come through OPENING the HEART, for this is where the SOUL resides without judging the experiences it has collected. It BALANCES neither trauma against pleasure, nor service against gain. It merely accepts all aspects of SELF as valuable and necessary to the WHOLE.

The Soul finds in the mirror of the Crystal Grid, both physical and etheric, the highest representation of what it wishes to LIVE, in human form, on this planet. This too is an important aspect of the grid: it UNITES all energies into ONE FLOW and amplifies the LIFE FORCE of all that comprise it. It connects all thought and heart energies. When you access it, as do your Crystal Children, you immediately become part of the greater whole.

Through the grid, you reach into the hearts and minds of all who are connected to it. You can receive the answers to all questions asked, and the HEALING and MANIFESTATION energies necessary for any endeavor or service you may want to initiate. You touch the higher aspects of Self and all others as well. You amplify your own divine essences both in your realm and in all others.

The proper use of the grid is essential and the proper intention for its use mandatory. We are here to work with each of you individually and often in groups on the appropriate ways to access both grids. We cannot give you generic techniques for this. You all have your own unique place in this grid, and one method alone neither works for all nor promotes the greatest awareness.

Many of you have worked with the grid before and you will find that working with it again will come to you naturally. Others will find it easier to begin to connect with individual physical crystals that live in your homes or immediate environments awaiting your attention and discovery. Practice will in time greatly improve your communication skills with crystals.

Each of you is now experiencing the restructuring of your DNA into a purer crystalline form. You are experiencing physical, emotional and mental shifts and realignments. These may appear strange, painful and uncomfortable for you, which is merely caused by your resistance to the shift. Set your intention that all shifts are for your highest good and you will remove much of the resistance. Interact actively with crystals in your healing of past traumas and release of toxic energies.

Connect with us through a crystal, or simply through your mind, and ask for instruction on the crystal grid. Then connect with the crystal grid itself and ask for instruction. Share with others what you discover, for each of you holds a piece of this new awareness.

We bless you, love you and keep you always in our hearts. Look for us in your awareness, for WE ARE ALSO YOU.

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