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TELOS: Protocols of 5D (part 12)

The Seven Flames of God for Seven Days: At this time, I want to give you a short overview of the seven major Rays, or Flames. It would be very beneficial for each one of you to focus each day on the energies of one of the seven major Rays that flood the planet from Creator Source on that day. All energies of the seven Rays flood the planet daily, but on each day of the week, one of the Rays is emphasized.

Working with the seven Rays in this manner will assist you in a most profound way, to balance these energies in each one of your seven major chakras. This will bring much greater balance and ease to your present life. In the process of ascension and enlightenment, all seven major Rays, and later on the five Secret Rays, must be balanced and mastered in order to move on to greater wisdom and mastery in your Cosmic Future.

In Telos, we work much more effectively each day by amplifying in our hearts, our minds and our daily activities the specific energies of each day of the week. We invite you to sincerely experiment with this. You will be pleasantly surprised to discover and experience the increased energy available to you.

SUNDAY, THE YELLOW RAY OF WISDOM AND THE MIND OF GOD IS AMPLIFIED: Focus on the mind of God daily in all things, but specifically on Sunday. This Divine Mind will open your own mind to greater and greater Wisdom. True wisdom always comes from the mind of Higher Perspective and Higher Consciousness. As you merge this Divine Mind with your own, you will begin to make decisions and conduct your life in ways that will bring you Greater Satisfaction and Ease.

MONDAY, THE ROYAL BLUE RAY OF THE WILL OF GOD IS AMPLIFIED: Focus on the Will of God for your very life through total surrender to that Divine will, no matter what your present circumstances appear to be. This is the faster way to gain your Spiritual Mastery and Freedom. As you align with God's Will, you will notice that your life will align in greater harmony. Bathe your mind, body and soul each day in this energy, and soon, you will reap the many benefits.

TUESDAY, THE ROSE-PINK RAY OF DIVINE LOVE OF GOD IS AMPLIFIED: Focus on the transforming and healing influence of the energies of Divine Love. Love is the glue that creates, transforms, heals and harmonizes all things. Take time in your life to breathe it in and merge with this Flame of Divine Love. LOVE is the KEY to the POWER of MULTIPLICATION of All Good things you desire. As you merge with this Flame in a greater and greater measure, limitations start dissolving and you become the MASTER of YOUR DESTINY.

WEDNESDAY, THE EMERALD GREEN RAY OF THE DIVINE FLAME OF HEALING, PRECIPITATION AND DIVINE ABUNDANCE IS AMPLIFIED: Focus on the energies of Divine Healing in All aspects of your life. This is a balancing and soothing energy that will assist you to realign the many distortions you have created in your lives. Invoke and visualize this Radiant Green Liquid Healing Light for All areas of your Life that need TRANSFORMATION. The Green Ray also governs the LAW of DIVINE ABUNDANCE and PROSPERITY. Invoke this Great Emerald Green Flame to pave the way for the Manifestation and Precipitation of all your physical and spiritual desires.

THURSDAY, THE GOLDEN RAYS OF THE RESURRECTION FLAME IS AMPLIFIED: Focus on the energies of this Flame for the Resurrection and Restoration of your inherited Divinity. You are a Divine Being, experiencing a human life, and learning from it. Because you have strayed in Consciousness, your Divinity has been veiled. As you invoke and merge with the Purple and Gold energies of the Resurrection Flame, you will begin to resurrect All the gifts and attributes of your Divinity. This wondrous Flame prepares you for the final ritual of Ascension. Ascension has been and still is the main purpose for your many incarnations on this planet.

FRIDAY, THE PURE DAZZLING WHITE RAY OF PURITY OF THE ASCENSION FLAME IS AMPLIFIED: Ascension is the alchemical marriage or Divine Union of your human-Self with your Divine Essence through the process of purification of all mis-qualification of God's energy throughout your many incarnations. Focus on purifying and clearing all negativity, false beliefs, poor attitudes and habits that do not ENHANCE your Spiritual MASTERY. Fill your auric field, every cell of your physical body, your mental, emotional and etheric bodies with this PURE-WHITE dazzling Ascension Flame. In your daily meditation, do this with All the Rays. It is essential for your Spiritual Progress.

SATURDAY, THE PENETRATING VIOLET RAY OF TRANSMUTATION AND FREEDOM IS AMPLIFIED: On that day, focus on the many tones and frequencies of the Violet Ray. This Ray is most magical. The Violet Flame is the frequency of change, alchemy, freedom from limitation, royalty, diplomacy, and much more. As you fill your auric field and your heart with the wonders of this Violet Flame, its frequency will begin to clear the obstacles and karma that are obstructing the REALIZATION of your MASTERY and DIVINITY. Use the Violet Fire as much as you can each day, but especially on Saturday when this Ray is amplified; it will serve you well.

As you see, All of the Rays are important. None of them can be neglected or put aside. They all work together in great HARMONY to assist the Restoration of your Soul and your lost PARADISE. Self-realization and God-mastery come from the Daily and Diligent application of these seven Flames, as you are the Responsible Architect of Your Life. These Immortal and Eternal Flames of God will work for you as you work with them. No one can or will interfere with your FREE WILL and no one can do it for you. Spiritual progress is brought forth through daily application of God's Laws, God's energies through the main seven Rays and the clearing of one's karma and emotional body.

Each day, it is most important that you set some time aside to do your Spiritual and INNER work. Invoking these Flames of God's Love and Attributes opens the understanding for greater Application of COSMIC LAWS. Breathe, invoke and fill yourself with these wondrous Flames. In your meditation, seek deeper understanding of these Flames by contacting your GodSelf and your guides and diligently apply what is shown to you. Seek to lift the veil of mortal illusions and reconnect with the MAGIC and POWERS of the Original Intent of GOD for Your ETERNAL JOURNEY into greater Purpose and Destiny. Our assistance is available to you for asking: a simple PRAYER request from your HEART brings us into your forcefield instantly.

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