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TELOS: Protocols of 5D (part 13)

The Flame of Harmony as a Main Key to attain the level of consciousness to be admitted into the Ascension Celebration: Let me say this: In order for this world to be enlightened and to be lifted in the Light, it is necessary that everyone living here take on the persona of HARMONY. Everyone must do this; it is a requirement. Otherwise those who do not will be dragged down by their own arrogance; they will get physically sick from the lack of Light and they will die because they will not have the capacity to BE Happy in the New World.

This is the choice you now have to make. Either you choose to make it or you do not. The outcome of your evolution depends entirely on the choices you make each day, and each moment of the day.

The surface populations are getting close to what is called The Gathering. Know that the powers in this world, the power of the shadow side, the Illuminati and the secret government, are trying to stop this at all costs. However, the more they try to stop it, the more you will know that you are doing it right and that you are coming closer to this Great Event.

The governments of your planet do not yet realize that the people who live in the Earth's interior have been there so long, much longer than their limited minds could ever imagine. They do not yet realize that it is not they who are in charge of this planet, and that their time for ruling in separation is soon coming to a dramatic end. Their bubble of illusion will soon be shattered, and they will have to face their cycle of accountability.

It is time now more than ever to distance yourself from those who do not seek to embrace harmony in their lives. All those who wish to embody harmony or wish to be accepted into the family of Telos must do the following:

  • You must strive to remain in a state of harmony at all times, with all of creation and all of nature. For without harmony, there is discord and with discord there is destruction.

  • Regardless of what people may do or say You Must Remain In Harmony. If someone hurts you, bless them and go with what is your own truth. They do not need to be part of your reality, as it will not serve you.

  • If you encounter a disharmonious situation, distance yourself. You have no obligation to remain where harmony does not reign.

  • Seek Truth and Harmony at All Times, and do not ever again allow yourself to deviate from this course. Those who continue to resist the New Energies now flooding your planet will not be able to persist much longer. These energies are now increasing and doubling each day in order to bring about the changes and transformations you have all been waiting for. Those who resist them will self-destruct.

  • You should no longer entertain feelings of discord or guilt. Never be sorry for what you are or what you are going through to balance your debts towards life. Rather strive always to improve yourself and be grateful for the assistance you are receiving.

  • Harmony should be the number ONE quality in your life, and rest assured that it will pave the way for your admittance into the Halls of Ascension. You will know you have reached that level when nothing bothers you. Whatever people say or do, it will not upset your heart one way or the other.

  • Someone who is in total harmony is happy with Creation. That person holds total acceptance of what is. When you become that, you are ready for your ascension.


From the book TELOS: Protocols of the Fifth Dimension (Volume 3) by Aurelia Louise Jones

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