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My Daily Meditations: Sacred Connections

Today, I would like to introduce you to my way of meditating and to some of the techniques that I use during my meditation. First of all, meditation plays an important role in my life. It is like my food and my breath. It is my medicine. I have to pause and meditate a couple of times throughout the day; each and every day. It keeps me going and I am able to operate and handle my earthly and galactic assignments that I signed up for to do during the transition and ascension process from a place of clarity and a higher level of perspective. Again, I am not going to go further into the details of my mission and my responsibility as a StarSeed shining the Light to dark places and holding the highest timelines in my energy field for the Greatest Good of ALL, so I will go straight to the point. And here we go - MEDITATION.

So every morning when I wake up, I sense my state of Being and feel my inner calm and peace that lies within. I know that in order to maintain such a state of Being-ness I need to meditate to keep my energy HIGH the entire day. I know I need to make sacred connections so I feel HOME. I connect with/to the New Earth Grid, to Gaia, Mother Nature, the Elementals and the Devas. I re-connect with my Higher Self, my I AM Presence and my entire Universe, which is part of the Divine Heart of the Father/Mother God, the Creator, Source, Pure Intelligence.

So I go to that Sacred Space, my altar that is within my Heart/my Soul right after I wake up from my deep sleep or dream that I journal if I remember it. Sometimes I do have to take a cleansing shower before my meditation. It all depends on how I feel and how I am divinely guided. Please see my previous blog on Energy Hygiene for some tips on cleansing and purifying the body and its energies.

I usually sit in a crosslegged position or on a chair with my spine straight and my neck relaxed. I close my eyes and focus on my breath that calms me down and brings me deep inside my Being. I breathe slowly, deeply and mindfully through my nose. Because of many years of my meditation practice, I immediately feel and sense being bathed in the Golden Liquid Plasma Light of the Divine Intelligence. But here, I want to share and describe the meditation techniques that I have been using for all those years.

So I bring the Golden/Yellow/White Liquid Light from my Soul Star Chakra (a couple of inches above my head) into my entire body; first, to my head area including the Third Eye, then to my torso and my arms and then to my hips, legs and feet. I keep focusing on breathing, sensing and feeling my entire body being bathed in this healing, nurturing, loving and protective energy of my Beautiful Soul and my Higher Self, my I AM Presence. Through my Earth Star Chakra (a couple of inches below my feet) I connect to the Crystal Core of Mother Earth (Gaia-Sophia) and send HER the Light and my LOVE from my Heart. I enjoy, feel and appreciate this connection while breathing, centering and aligning (being the Pillar of Light) from within. Then I bring the healing and loving energies from Gaia up through the Earth Star Chakra, my feet and my legs and the entire spine back to my Heart Chakra (in the middle of my chest) and my Higher Heart Chakra (right below the Throat Chakra) and bathe in the Divine Essence of my I AM Presence for some time.

Because of my Galactic origin I also have to say HI (connect) to my Galactic Family, My Twin Flame and my Team through the Interstellar Chakra (a couple of feet above the Soul Star Chakra). I also connect with all my Angels, Ascended Masters and all the Light Beings from all the Galaxies and Universes in the entire Cosmos who are helping us with the Ascension, Transformation and Liberation process here on Earth. I feel the flow of energy coming both directions up and down and I feel whole, I feel connected and I AM HOME. I know I AM safe, I TRUST that I can Be ME, MYSELF and can do the WORK, which is my Mission.

So if you have any questions regarding the meditation and the techniques that I use to feel High during the entire day, please email me at

Many Blessings and NAMASTE

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