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The Ascension Flame: Meditation

Today, I would like to talk about the Ascension Flame, a sacred fire that can facilitate your pathway to your ASCENSION. When you gain an understanding of how to consciously use this glorious Flame of Purification, you can accelerate the cleansing process of your chakras, the activation of your DNA, and prepare your cells of your physical body and its subtle bodies for a PHYSICAL ASCENSION.

This Cosmic Flame of Ascension is being preserved in the land of Egypt by the Great White Brotherhood of LIGHT. This Flame is the "WAY BACK HOME" spiritual tool for every individual who chooses so. Master Serapis Bey is the guardian director of the magnificent Ascension Temple in Luxor. He has been holding this position in service to humanity and to our beloved planet since the destruction of Atlantis.

With each successive spring season, this Sacred Flame is freely and widely utilized by the beings of the nature kingdoms to renew and resurrect the beauty of Nature everywhere on this planet. Each soul on Earth desiring and applying to complete their cycle of incarnation by the process of Ascension is placed under the authority of the Ascension Brotherhood and the Office of the Christ.

A few hundred years ago, a great portion of the activities and records held in the pyramid at Luxor, Egypt, were transferred or duplicated in Telos, the Inner City of Light below Mount Shasta. This relocation was implemented because the spiritual hierarchy of the planet foresaw future potential problems in this area of the globe. Now Telos has become a main focus of Ascension for the planet in total cooperation with the great masters of Luxor. They all work together in perfect harmony for the benefit of the collective. This is one of the fifth dimensional protocols.

Here is a description of the Ascension Flame by Adama, High Priest of Telos: "This Flame contains the frequency and color of all the other Flames. You see or experience it as a brilliant, luminous, dazzling white light that consumes on contact all that is less than the perfection of Love. Its power and brilliance is limitless. It sustains worlds in perfect harmony and beauty. Those invoking and working with it must be prepared for change. When touched by this Flame, you are never the same again. Everyone can work with it, of course, but in its full intensity, it holds the capacity to completely transform the initiate who has reached the doorway of Ascension. When you are finally ready to take this leap in your evolution, you will be immersed in the frequency of that magnificent ascension energy. It will propel you into the final step, where the fires of that Love will consume all human limitations, your full consciousness will be restored, and your body will be fully immortalized."

In seeking Ascension, the power of Love must become the fervent heat which causes the elements of mortal creation to melt, and which will propel the candidate for Ascension into the great cosmic pool of immortal Love and Light. ~ Adama

Those interested in visiting the Ascension Temples at Luxor in Egypt and Telos in the Inner Earth are requested to bring back with them in their consciousness that rising and joyous energy, which is the activity of Ascension. This Flame will enter into the elemental substance of the inner bodies as well as the physical form. As the pure white Flame passes through the aspirant's bodies (physical, mental, emotional and etheric), it quickens the vibratory action of the atom, each electron moving more rapidly around its own central pole. This causes the throwing off of the impure discordant substances around the electron and quickens the rhythm of all the subtle bodies and their energy fields. The physical vessel (the body) becomes more attuned to the Universal TRUTH, the gravity pull is lessened and the various distorted and erroneous beliefs of the ego are diminished.

To ascend to the state of SELF-Mastery, God wisdom, peace, harmony, perfect health, wealth, abundance, limitlessness and ever-present supply, the aspirant must learn to rely totally upon the Presence of God within the heart. The candidate has to turn the consciousness from the outer world INWARD - into his/her heart (the Higher Heart/the Sacred Heart) - to reconnect with the Divine Essence in that Sacred Space - gateway to the Infinite One. All must be purified and transformed through the ascending fires of that Royal Flame.


We (Serapis Bey and Adama) invite you to come with us on a journey to the Ascension Temple of Telos. Please imagine a white dazzling Light Mer-Ka-Ba (Light body vehicle) from the fifth dimension now approaching you to take you in your etheric body if you choose to come. Through your intention step into that vehicle of Light and take your seat. We ask you to prepare yourself by centering within, and allow yourself to feel and perceive the joyous energies of this Flame already enfolding you. We ask that through this journey, you breathe as deeply as you can, in order to take in and bring back to your outer awareness the energies of this Flame. This experience is an opportunity to ignite another level of the purification process for every cell, atom and electron of your main and subtle bodies.

Open yourself to this experience as consciously as you can, and enjoy! We are already Here. See the Temple in front of you. It is a huge, scintillating white light pyramid with four sides. It is similar in many ways to the one in Egypt. Of course, this fifth dimensional Ascension Temple in Telos is even more glorious, elegant and magnificent.

Step off the Mer-Ka-Ba vehicle and come with us to the Hall of Transfiguration where each one of you will be introduced to the Ascension Brotherhood guide who will assist and escort you during your experience here. Feel the air, the energies, the power and the brilliance of this holy place. We encourage you to pay attention to your guide and ask any question you want clarity on. This is your experience and you create it in any way you wish. Our role is simply to accompany you with our Love and wisdom.

You are now walking through a corridor of exquisite beauty, leading to the atomic accelerator chamber. Continue to fill your lungs and consciousness with this beauty and joy. As you walk along, there are many beings who serve in this temple or are visiting here who notice you and greet you with their smiles and gestures of friendship. All of them welcome you and send you their blessings.

The guardians of the atomic accelerator chamber bid you welcome and you are now entering this great hall with your guide. What you see is a very large room that contains several hundred small dazzling white crystalline pyramids circling the main focus of that Flame in the center of the room. You are almost overtaken by the wonder and magnificence of the immortal unfed Flame of Ascension burning bright in front of you, almost 200 feet tall and 100 feet in diameter at the base.

Its power almost overwhelms you and once you have a deep experience of this Flame in your energy fields, you will never by quite the same again unless you consciously choose to return to your former level of resonance. In spite of its great rushing power, it does not emit any noise, except the melodious sounds of music created by this energy field. Also notice the sweet fragrance that facilitates the raising of your frequency emanating from the energies of the Ascension Flame.

With your guide, you now walk around the base of the Flame to fill yourself with all the spiritual gifts you can receive here today. Now your guide, who has already chosen one of the smaller pyramids for you, invites you to step in for your next experience. Each one of these small pyramids of light contains an atomic activator, on which you sit, that will assist you to raise your vibration to a comfortable level. These accelerators have been designed in such a way that they could raise you all the way to the Ascension frequency and immortality, but this is not the goal of the experience at this time. You are here to experience a little push to your next level. It is different for each one. The level of acceleration each one will receive is calibrated to their level of initiation and readiness on their pathway.

What is an atomic accelerator? For those of you not yet familiar with this concept with the Master Saint Germain has spoken about quite widely in his channellings of the last century, let us describe it briefly. He is one of the designers of this technology. The atomic accelerator does exactly what its name suggests. It is a crystalline seat or chair designed with a technology that creates the frequency of the Ascension Flame for those sitting upon. It possesses a control dial, and as you meditate on this Flame and pour the love of your heart into it, you are infused by your guide with its frequency at the exact level that best serves you in the NOW moment. Your guides already know the frequency that is best for you, and they are well trained in applying it.

This type of technology is not available yet in your dimension. It has the ability to transform into perfection every element vibrating at a frequency less than the pure Love essence of the Creator. One can say it has the ability to transform base metals into the purest gold. In other words, when the time comes for you to make your Ascension, it will transform your mortal body with all its imperfections and limitations into your perfect, immortal deathless solar body of Light, in all its majesty and splendor.

As you continue to sit on the seat assigned to you, keep breathing in, while communing with your Divine Essence and with your Creator. Set your goals of Ascension for this life and open your heart to your God. (Pause for integration).

When you feel that you are finished, look into the eyes of your guide and receive the love that she/he chooses to impart to you through the eyes of her/his soul, as you express your gratitude. When you feel ready, stand up and direct your consciousness to exit with your guide from the chamber you are in and retrace your steps to the Mer-Ka-Ba that brought you here. We are bringing you back to your room with your auric fields and hearts filled with a new love and a new light vibration. It is up to you to maintain and expand it.

Come back to full consciousness in your body and offer your gratitude to God for the opportunity and gift you have just received, and be blissfully joyous. We love you ALWAYS.

From the book TELOS: Protocols of the Fifth Dimension (Volume 3) by Aurelia Louise Jones

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