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Basic Understanding of Electrons

The smallest manifestation of life can be measured in terms which men would understand as electrons. These electrons represent particles of energy from the body of Prime Creator, which is eternally self-sustaining, indestructible, self-luminous and intelligent. Electrons are pure universal light substance, responding like lightning to the creative powers of both God and men. In varying forms they make up the atoms of the physical world. Interstellar space is filled with this pure light-essence. The number of electrons, which combine with each other in a specific atom is the result of and determined by conscious thought. The rate at which they whirl around the central core is the result of and determined by feelings. The intensity of the whirling motion within the central core is the Breath of God. Therefore the most concentrated activity of Divine Love, whatever energy grows your food, whatever substance you find in the third dimension is all made of various manifestations of electrons that have been qualified differently. Everything is made of the same thing (electrons), prime Source energy as LOVE.

Electrons are created as energy particles from ethereal planes of consciousness; this energy is neutral and totally at the service of Life. They manifest in form only when they become qualified by other conscious parts of life. Electrons take various forms, shapes and densities according to how they are qualified. In this 3D and 4D world, when you qualify energy with less than pure Love, when you create with anger, fear or greed, you are misusing electrons and creating distortions in their original purpose of serving Life. This miscreation then becomes yours to own. You have to live and experience the programming you have qualified them with, until you eventually balance your debts to life with Love, thus purifying the electrons you have misused. This is what is called here on Earth the working out or balancing of karma.

God gives you on a daily basis an unlimited number of electrons to create with your life with and you are always free to create it in any way you choose. According to what you create with your thoughts, intentions and emotions, your life always reflects how you use the electrons. In general, humanity has not understood the right use of electrons or in other words the right use of the energy at their disposal. It is knowledge that has been forgotten. By misusing energy as you do on the surface of the Earth, you have created much pain and difficulty for yourself, for your families, for your planet and for everyone evolving here.

Electrons want to respond to Love. When a person misqualifies them with vibrations other than Love or Joy, they become distorted in various ways and that distortion becomes the person's cosmic responsibility. Remember, electrons carry prime Creator consciousness and intelligence. Because they are commissioned to serve Life unconditionally, they have to serve mankind in whatever way mankind chooses to use them. These electrons remain embedded in the negativity of humanity sometimes for eons. This is not what they want or what they have been created for, but they must submit to people's choices.

Mankind can create electrons to create an absolute paradise for themselves, for the planet and for everything around them, or they can use them to destroy their world. This is the experiment of free will on this planet. Not all planets have free will to the extent you have on Earth. The misuse of free will has been a very painful experience for humanity over eons of time. This is why it is so important to understand the right and the wrong use of electrons. The Resurrection Flame can help purify the electrons some people may have misused back to harmony. All the Flames of God are made of electrons, as is everything else.

Misused electrons or energy creates fields of darkness around and inside of the person. If an individual misuses these to create fear within himself/herself or projects this kind of energy onto others through doubt and judgment, the electrons of the person's body become distorted. They eventually create disease, illness, lack of vitality, aging and etc.

Be aware that no one can freely misuse God's energy without consequences. When a person qualifies God's energy with fear and resentment, the electrons flow discordantly. When a person qualifies God's energy with Love, the electrons flow harmoniously because that is their nature. Humans nature is of Divine quality as well.

You can invoke the Flame of Resurrection to assist you in restoring harmony in your life and to heal all your issues. You can use the Flame of Resurrection consciously for cleansing and for raising the vibration in all your body systems, such as your emotional body, physical body and your mental body above the vibrations of distortion, disease and lack.

The inner work needs to be embraced as a way of life as an unfolding process, progress in action, not something you do only once in a while. It is the most important work you can take on in your life. It is the key to the spiritual freedom you so much yearn for. You can work with the Resurrection Flame for a lifetime and it will always ease your way and create more wonders in your life.

I AM the Resurrection and the Life. This was a mantra that was given to Yeshua (Jesus) by his teacher the Great Divine Director when he was traveling in India during the years previous to his public ministry. Understand that he actively used the Flame of Resurrection during the course of his life to such an extent and with such a momentum that after his physical death he had accumulated enough energy in his causal body to raise his physical body from the dead. It was from that mantra alone that he succeeded in building his momentum.

Yeshua also drew from the pool of reserves of that energy he had garnered unto himself to perform many miracles you are familiar with and those that were not recorded at the time. One of his assignments was to fully embody the Resurrection Flame and become it in order to accomplish whatever he wanted. And this he did with grace and with the fullness of His Heart.

The gifts of this Flame are to all of the children of the Creator at any time anywhere. Some people use it for their finances: "I AM the resurrection and the life of my finances." When you start using it, many things will be revealed to your awareness for your spiritual growth. Before you can receive what you want, you may have to do some housecleaning or corrections in your consciousness. As you focus on the object of your desires, what is out of alignment will be shown to you, and as you change your consciousness, your life also change for the better.

Your GodSelf will bring forth into your conscious awareness the erroneous beliefs and attitudes that stand in the way of your manifestations. They will be shown to you for your consideration and learning of a greater wisdom. It is up to each person to develop the discernment to recognize, acknowledge them and make the necessary changes in your consciousness. If you become aware of the misuse of finances from the past, start using the Violet Flame of Transmutation and the Flame of Forgiveness from the heart of the Mother Quan Yin, along with the Resurrection energy to assist you to clear those energies of the past, and to contemplate what you are learning from it.

The Resurrection Flame has the tone and color that can assist you. Visualize it like radiant golden sun-type energy, more orange than gold. See yourself sitting in a seat totally engulfed in the Resurrection Flame energy as you do your spiritual work with this vibration.

Old age and degeneration have never been natural attributes of life. The appearance of your physical body is determined by the amount of light that is carried within your lower vehicles, the emotional, mental, etheric and physical bodies. The natural emanation of light through these body systems forms the protective wall referred to as the tube of light around you. When the electrons move slowly in their particular organs and cells, they draw less light from your Higher Self, building a natural resistance, which causes the light stream to grow weaker. How much vitality you are going to have in your body and how you are feeling has to do with how fast the electrons can spin in your body.

The more toxins you have and the less light you hold, the slower the electrons spin which encourages old age, disease, misalignment and malfunction of the organs, glands and systems. Eventually your whole body experiences aging. In Telos, we have attained immortality because we have learned to keep ourselves and everything we do in our lives, our mental attitudes and our emotional bodies clear of negativity. We clear ourselves regularly with the many tools we are providing you through our teachings. Our electrons are spinning at the speed that keeps our bodies always young and beautiful. Immortality is not such a mystery once you understand it, but the unfoldment of real Life that is Divine and Natural.

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