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Journey to the Temple of Resurrection in 5D: Meditation

We now invite all of you to take a journey in consciousness to a wondrous temple in the fifth dimension called the Temple of Resurrection. It is a vast temple like all the fifth dimensional temples. One of the functions of this temple is to assist humanity with the energies of true resurrection, which takes place at many levels.

In your immediate and future evolution you are no longer looking to simply manifest superficial or temporary healing for all the different problems that burden you, whether they are physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. What you really want to do is to infuse this energy in your body and your consciousness, knowing that it will assist in raising your vibrational frequency above your present life circumstances.

Now connect to your I AM Presence in your heart as you take several deep breaths. Ask your light body to descend over you and take you in consciousness to the Resurrection Temple; it knows very well how to get you there. If you wish to come along with us (Adama, Sananda and Nada) on that journey, I invite you to formulate your intent in your heart now. (pause)

This vast etheric temple is glowing as a Golden Sun from a distance, with vapors of golden sunlight all around it. See a golden crystalline sun-like substance, more orange than gold, manifesting as walls and floors. In various places it reflects the luminosity of other Flames and other color vibrations. Your Divine Essence takes you there in your light body and you are becoming more aware of this place in your consciousness.

Now see yourself entering a big hall, called The Hall of Resurrection. It contains many facets, many doorways and many chambers. Many beings from different dimensions are using this hall as well, which vibrates at a very high frequency. See a group of beings, guardians of the temple, approaching you to welcome and accompany you in your journey here.

People of the third dimension are taken into chambers designed for their level of evolution and frequency tolerance. This temple is well attended, as many souls from this whole galaxy and beyond who assist the lower realms come here daily to recharge and to be uplifted. Breathe in this wonderful Golden Flame energy and let it infuse every particle of your being. (pause)

This Flame will assist the expansion of your consciousness, your understanding of life and evolution to a greater level than the one you presently hold. Breathe in and integrate the consciousness, the energy of the Resurrection. Breathe it into every cell, atom and electron of your physical body. As you use the Resurrection Flame on a regular basis, it will continue to expand within you unto eternity. Beings of higher dimensions still use it to expand their consciousness to higher and higher levels, to resurrect and embrace more and more of their divinity. The possibilities of Resurrection are simple endless.

Stay with us for a time in the Hall of Resurrection and with those of the temple who have graciously volunteered to accompany you. Millions of the Resurrection Flame angels nurture and minister to humanity each day, especially those who make a conscious effort to contact them. You have access not only to the Flame but also to all the wonderful angels willing to work with you on a one-to-one basis, to nurture and to love you back to your spiritual freedom.

As you stand in this wondrous golden hall you will see countless golden Flames of Resurrection burning in all shapes and sizes to assist the Earth and evolving humanity. They burn perpetually as another aspect of the eternal unfed Flame of Life of Creator Source. They assist all life and the planet not only in the third dimension but also in all dimensions inside and out of the Earth, the galaxies and the universe.

As you walk into the hall and gaze at all the wonders you perceive, you come to a specific circle reserved for Earth's surface dwellers. The circle consists of Flames of various sizes and shapes that look somewhat like different varieties of flowers. There are Resurrection seats, inviting souls visiting the temple to sit and to soak quietly in the energy. Now choose one of the seats and make yourself comfortable. Simply sit on the one calling you, looking like a lotus flower, which is a lotus flame. This golden lotus flame enfolds your body completely to raise your energies. As you sit and contemplate the wonders of your experience, continue to breathe in the energy to absorb all you can. Feel the flame permeating every aspect of your being.

Take a few minutes to consciously request what you would like to clear and what areas in your life you would most like to resurrect. Keep focusing on the great gift you are receiving, being nurtured and loved by the angels that are accompanying you and attending your needs. Keep breathing, you want to take as much as possible of this energy back with you into your physical body. The more you take in, the more you are raising your vibration.

Feel your body being imprinted with the Resurrection energy: become aware of how it feels and how the flame is affecting you. Awaken to its sensation and allow your sensory bodies to open to feel more of all aspects of Life. Feel the joy that it brings to your heart. Absorb all you can and feel how much lighter you are now becoming. It is as if the angels are carrying you. Consciously set your intention to raise your vibration with this wonderful flame that can lift you up and out of many of the predicaments you are trying to heal and balance.

Do not hesitate to invite the Master Jesus (Sananda) with his beloved Nada to assist you with their momentum of the Resurrection Flame. They are masters of that Flame. If Sananda as Jesus could raise his body after the crucifixion and use the same energy to raise Lazarus from the dead, he can certainly assist you in great measure. What he did, you can also do, but you must build your own momentum over a period of time as he did. You can use this Flame to literally resurrect your body into a divine state of perfection, beauty, radiance, luminosity, immortality and limitlessness.

When you feel complete, get up from your seat, and return to meet us at the entrance of the Hall of Resurrection. When ready, return to full consciousness in your body on the Earth and take this energy back with you. Know that you are most welcome to return to the Resurrection Temple any time and receive all the benefits. You may go every day, or as often as you please. In your heart express your deep gratitude for the blessings you just received and thank those who have assisted your visit to the Resurrection Temple.

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