I AM on Rumble at Kaliyana82

Hi Beautiful Beings of Light - My Soul and Monadic Family - Warriors of Truth and Divine Justice, you can NOW find my new videos on Rumble at Kaliyana82. I am continuing to disseminate information about ascension, E.T. politics, negative alien agenda, esoterica, ancient teachings from the higher realm of Light Divine from the Solar Rishis and the Ascended Masters. I am expanding on my Galactic Project from the Ashtar Command for the Military Elite, veterans, marines and super-soldiers. My passion is to teach about Yoga Science and the Art of Ayurveda. If you have any question please contact me at kaliyana82@gmail.com. Blessings and Namaste. Peace Be with You Always.

We are ascending and raising the frequency of the planet and humanity. We are on the Ascension Grid NOW - new organic timelines and realities for the New Earth guaranteed. Please Be imaging through the connection to your Inner Christ and your Sacred Heart (8. Chakra) a Beautiful Bright Future each and every day and with each breath you take. Peace that passes all inner-standing. HARI OM TAT SAT. And so IT IS.

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