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My online situation

Hi beautiful Beings of Light. I haven't been on you tube for a month. First of all - the energies are intense as you know and I have been doing lots of clearing cleansing and purification work on that energy level and resting fasting meditating. The Golden liquid light descending upon me and making me drunk not being able to think - just be. Experiencing the lightness of being and at the same time dealing with psychic and psychotronic attacks and military grand mind control - keeping my neutrality zero point - that's how to withstand all that. Perfect training. That's why i designed the guardian ascension protocol - that's what helped me a lot. My Twitter account has been suspended for 2 weeks or more and I got warning and First strike from you tube so 2 of my videos have been removed. I went ahead and deleted a dozen of my videos but of no avail - they also scan deleted videos and give more strikes - according to their policy. I'll be starting posting new videos on rumble and or bitchute. I'll send a notification and also it's going to be mentioned on my website home page

Thank you so much for having an interest in the work I do. I hope my content inspired you and empowered you as this is my main purpose and goal to keep your energies high. Blessings 👏 🙌 and Namaste 🌟 💫


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