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TELOS: 5D City (part 14)

"Learn the lessons of harmlessness in thought, word, feeling and action. Know that harmful action and physical violence will keep you in the realm of pain, suffering and mortality." ~ Maha Chohan, Paul the Venetian

When the Lemurians knew that their continent was going to be destroyed, they built their underground city to preserve their lives and all ancient records of their civilization. They also saved a few of every species of animals in existence at that time. The embodiment of animals are extensions of a much larger whole, just like the embodiment of people on the surface of the Earth. All Human Beings are extensions of a vast energy of Pure LIGHT. The concept of multidimensionality remains very difficult to fully comprehend within the limitations of a third dimensional mind. God, in His/Her Being-ness and true nature of Love is constantly creating and forever extending and expanding Herself/Himself in a wider and wider spectrum and variety of manifestation. The animal kingdom is just one among many of these infinite expansions and expressions. ALL IS part of GOD.

"When you allow yourself to hurt one part of LIFE (God), you are hurting the whole, including yourself."

On the Inner Planes, all animals have great intelligence; some of them rule worlds and planets. Animals live in many dimensions. All animals have an Oversoul or a Higher Self, as humans do, but it is of a slightly different nature. They are created as part of a kingdom that is not the same as human species kingdom. Thus, they are extensions of a much larger body of consciousness, another aspect of Divinity.

"Consciousness extends itself from the highest levels of the Godhead to the lowest level of the first dimension of rocks and minerals. All are God in various expressions."

The higher the dimension, the greater the understanding of Love and the more expanded is the awareness. Animals share this planet Earth with Humanity because they have chosen to come here to experience the third dimension just like humans have. They have also come as helpers and teachers to assist mankind in ways humans do not yet understand. Just because animals chose to come in a body that differs from the human body does not mean that they are inferior. Their bodies are just an overtone lower than of the humans in 3D expression.

Some people on the Earth have allowed themselves to see many species of animals as commodities to be used for selfish means or profit. The Golden Rule needs to be applied for all sentient beings, not just for the human kingdom. In order to move forward on the platform of human evolution, people must offer unconditional love in words, thoughts, feelings and deeds toward all life forms and all kingdoms living on this planet. This is the only way because Love is the Key.

In the Spirit World, animals function at the fourth and fifth dimensional levels. They are all connected to a higher body of Light. All Humans are connected to their own Higher Selves, their God Presence, existing in higher dimensions and living in each Heart.

The Higher Self of each human being is a glorious, intelligent, powerful being of unlimited perfection and splendor. The 3D life on Earth reflects only a small portion of the totality of each person's Divinity. In creation and in the Higher Realms, there is no such thing as lesser, lower, better than or not so good as, etc. There are all labels of limited human awareness. ALL are EQUALLY loved and considered expressions of GOD's Creation in constant motion (Evolution). In the subterranean cities of the Agartha Network including Telos, people have much respect for animals and they consider them as their younger brothers and sisters on the Ladder of Evolution.

People in Telos have in care a large number of species of animals that have been extinct from Earth's surface for a very long time. They have many species of cats. Their sizes vary from five to six pounds to several hundred pounds. They also have species of dogs and horses that are more evolved that the ones on the surface. Many of the big cats are almost twice the size of the ones on the surface. All of the animals are gentle and have never been exposed to negativity or violence of any sort. Anyone can walk up to them in total safety and cuddle with them, including large cats that weigh several hundred pounds. None of the animals have any fear of humans; neither do they kill or eat each other. They are all vegetarians. Animals in Telos have never been hunted or caged. They are allowed to live their full life-span, which is much longer than surface animals. Telepathic communication is all that is needed to have total cooperation from any of the animals who are docile and willing to please.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: There is going to be a very special event (symposium) on August 25 - 27, 2017, in Garden City, New York. This symposium will be the first step in a public disclosure initiative from the Inner Earth - the Kingdom of Agartha, to the people of Earth. All of humanity is welcome to attend this public symposium and learn more about this ancient civilization and their timely message to Humanity. For more information please click HERE

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