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TELOS: The Inner Earth City (part 20)

"Trust that your healing and your travels to The Great Jade Temple in your etheric body are happening. Your etheric body looks almost identical to your physical body except it is more perfected. In the future, your transformed body will also feel very physical, although it will be relieved of much density and the frequency will vibrate at a much higher rate. In the process of transforming your consciousness and your physical body, you are not losing anything. You are integrating more higher, more subtle vibrations and greater Light. All you will be losing is much unwanted density. Your body will become much more refined, much more beautiful, limitless and immortal. You will not experience limitations of any kind; the veils will be removed. You will travel at the speed of Light."

What would be an appropriate request for one to bring to the Temple for healing?

Most people on this planet have physical problems and many hidden fears, which create challenges in their daily life. People's emotions are trapped in their subconscious and unconscious mind that were imprinted on their soul from past life experiences that were painful and traumatic. These experiences were the lessons that were learned along their evolutionary pathway. Everyone has an accumulation of emotional trauma in their feeling/etheric/astral body from many thousands of embodiments. Resolution is now needed for final clearing, healing and for the integration of the greater wisdom, for which these experiences were created. Any experience that was not cleared in a given lifetime keeps replaying the same programming again and again in all subsequent lifetimes until true healing, wisdom and understanding take place in the depth of the soul.

The sadness, sorrow, grief, emotional trauma and anything that does not reflect the inner joy, bliss and ecstasy in one's being indicate what needs healing within that individual. Mental toxins coming from lifetimes of embracing erroneous belief systems and distorted programming are now surfacing to be finally cleared and healed. People are advised to pay attention to the promptings of their soul and to bring to The Temple at night those pressing issues so much in need of healing and resolution.

The guides in Telos, in The Great Jade Temple, will discuss with each individual the lessons and wisdom that need to be understood and what steps an individual can take to achieve true and permanent healing. The healing can be compared to the peeling of a huge onion with hundreds of layers. A person heals one layer at a time until completion. A person then becomes a perfect mirror of his/her Divinity. Then, all the doors for that individual will be wide open.

Much of the work can be done at night while your body sleeps and can later be integrated in your daily life. You do not need to know what every fear and all past experiences are about. All you need to do is to consciously release these old energies that do not serve your highest evolution. The counselors in Telos can do such work with you as they have access to your akashic records. They can give you much insight for your healing. In turn, you bring back and integrate this new wisdom within your subconscious, and in your walking state, you can begin to apply it. Your meditations with your Divine Presence will resurrect a greater awareness of who you truly are. If you wish to ascend, to join Gaia (5D Earth) within this Ascension timeline, clearing and healing yourself must become your main priority.

"Your inner work is the most important task for you at this time to accelerate your evolution and to prepare for your homecoming. Before any complete and permanent physical healing can take place, the emotional causes or distortions in your belief system have to be addressed and released. Know that all physical problems are always rooted in the emotional and mental bodies. Mental stress and mental illnesses also have their roots in the emotions. The emotional body is the starting point for permanent healing. The traumas suffered during the destruction of Lemuria and Atlantis, when people were separated from loved ones and families overnight, gave birth to much fear, sadness, sorrow and despair in the souls of humanity, and you have carried these traumas forward lifetime after lifetime."

"It is now time to completely heal the past and embrace a brand new paradigm of LOVE, personal empowerment and unprecedented GRACE for your life and for the planet. In Telos, we are your brothers and sisters, close friends of the past who love you all so very much. It is our joy to extend to you all the assistance we are allowed at this time to complete your transformation, resurrection and ascension into the realms of Love and Light."

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