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TELOS: The Inner Earth City (part 24)

While in meditation, you are receiving telepathic guidance and assistance from your guides and this guidance is imprinted in your heart and soul. Now, feel the interaction with your guides and with your Higher Self for your healing. (Pause) See and feel the jewels, the crystals and healing energies of the temple and breathe them in. Breathe in this healing energy deeply, as much as you can; you are going to take this energy back into your physical body. Keep breathing it in. You are in one of the most sacred healing sites on this planet. Take your time, there is no hurry.

When you feel complete, get up from your chair and walk around the temple with your guide. Absorb all the beauty and the healing energy you can. Feel free to communicate to your guide the burdens of your heart and ask for further assistance for your healing. Be open to whatever is revealed to you. If you do not remember your journey consciously, do not be concerned. For most of you, it is not yet meant to be and you are getting the information at some other level.

When you feel complete, come back to consciousness in your body and take several deep breaths. Know that you can return there any time you desire. Each time you will be assisted in the same manner. The more often you return, the greater the rapport you create with people in Telos and the greater momentum you generate for your healing.

People from Telos are reaching out to you. They ask you NOW to respond and reach out to them as well. It can only work when All of US cooperate together. People from Telos are sending you Love, Peace and Healing. They are only as far away as a thought, a whisper or a request from your heart. And so be it!

The Releasing Prayer for letting go of all that does not serve you, and letting in what you need to evolve your consciousness: (by AndosZan Kumara, 2016)

"I call upon my Beloved I AM Presence to please take from me every thought, word, deed and action of the core, cause, effect, record and memory of: All Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Issues, at all levels of Relationships and Separation, within me, consisting of Judgment, Criticism, Control, Manipulation, Deception, Lack of Compassion and Forgiveness for myself and others, from all lifetimes that limit me. (Please Vocalize all other specific situations not serving you now.) I call on the Violet Flame to transmute these energies into the perfection of Compassion and Forgiveness, for myself and others."

"I now vocalize the Wisdom that I have gained from this situation. For example:

That was Then and this is Now. I choose to release these energies because I desire to be Love in all situations. No one can hurt me; only I can hurt myself. I trust that my Journey is unfolding Perfectly. I Love Myself Unconditionally."

I AM in Gratitude from the depth of My Being for this Healing.

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