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It is my great pleasure to have the opportunity of being heard today on the surface of the Earth, to bring my energies to you with great Love. Our time in Telos in the last 12,000 years has been very wondrous indeed on one hand, and on the other hand, we have felt the pain of separation from our family members living on the surface.

It is with great anticipation that we are preparing in our hearts, as soon as it is possible, to reunite with you more tangibly. But understand, my friends, it will not be in the third dimensional frequency as you now know it. You will have to meet us at least two-thirds of the way to the fifth dimension.

Our mission in Telos will not be accomplished fully until we are all united again as ONE civilization. All the elders of Telos, basically the ones who have been communicating with you, have from time to time held a position on the Lemurian Council of Twelve and in the government of our city. But now, we have stepped back to allow the younger ones to hold these positions. We believe that everyone should be given an opportunity to hold the reins and experience the role of leadership under the guidance of the advisory committee of the elders.

Most of the elders of Telos have families that have increased tremendously in size. We have children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and additional generations who have never experienced your dimension physically. They are now becoming more and more curious to experience life on the surface. They honor your courage for having incarnated again and again into such difficult situations. So many of us, especially the younger ones, are now looking forward to the day when you will eliminate all violence. We wish in our hearts and minds to come out and assist you.

In Telos, one of my occupations is to be in charge of a vast library that contains crystal plates, on which is recorded all of the history of the Lemurian culture, from the beginning to the end, and also all of what has transpired within and without the planet since the physical destruction of our continent. Our library also contains all the records of the True History of our planet, of which surface humanity knows very little. I have a wonderful team working with me, and we have been busy for quite some time duplicating all of our records in various languages, preparing for the time they will be made available to you to expand your knowledge and wisdom.

This is when you will be able to access the true and wondrous history of your planet, of your Mother Earth and of the many civilizations, which have lived here. The complete and accurate history of your planet has never been known by your historians of the past 12,000 years. What you think you know is rather limited and represents only distorted fragments of the true history. The real records will not be accessible until they are released. Many of your historians have done their best to write their own perceptions of Earth's history, but none of them was enlightened enough to accurately perceive or discern any segment of it, much less the whole story.

When you are permitted this kind of exploration, you will be able to access all of this information. We already smile, knowing that you will be surprised, astounded and stunned beyond measure.

Prior to the demise of Lemuria, all records were taken into Telos to be preserved for the knowledge and wisdom of future generations. We have a Living Library not only for this planet, but also for the Galaxy and this entire Universe. We know that very few records if any would survive the loss of the two major continents and the hardships that followed.

It is my perception that within the next decade or sooner, the duplicates of our entire record will be reintroduced to the surface for all of you to consult and study at your leisure. You will gain much wisdom from such extensive and accurate information. The technology to read these crystal plates will also be made available to you. Complete sets of these records will be made available to many parts of this planet. This is a huge task we undertake to organize for your benefit. Our work is a labor of Love and it is with great JOY that we perform this service to provide you access to the Earth's history in a short distant future.

There are many of you on the surface who will be attracted to this material and who are also part of our soul group and family. I am eager and willing to reconnect with all of you, to assist you in increasing your Joy and Understanding. Until we meet again, I hold you very dear to my Heart.

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