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TELOS: Protocols of 5D (part 2)

We will begin with exercises that may already be familiar to you. If you have experienced them in the past, we say now is the time to experience them again with a fresh perspective. If they are already a part of your daily practices, we also say that it is important to you to do them with a higher level of understanding that will bring the true results you desire to attain. The work to be done is quite simple; the subtleties you will witness, however, are enormous. Within each level of vibration that you access and integrate, the activity becomes simpler, but the results become greatly more expanded.

We will explore practices that awaken us all to the DIVINITY we are meant to express, and dismantle the illusions that veil the original mind and freeze the heart. We will restore methods that will accelerate the re-awakening of your consciousness and that lead to INNER FREEDOM and an understanding of TRUE POWER OF LOVE. Level One of this practice involves the evolution of SELF.

STEP ONE is to learn to question yourself as to who you are and what you believe from a higher perspective, not from the insecurity of the ego or the lower mind.

You must instead ask the questions that spring from the deepest pools of your heart, and then ask from the entirety of your real self, your GodSelf. Then, you must be willing to listen with the part of you that is awakened enough now to hear the answer. Do not wait for a time in the near or distant future when you feel you have reached a certain stage of enlightenment. Do not wait for a later more evolved version of yourself, whom you feel may be better equipped to receive the answer.

You are ready NOW, and the part of you that is open to the answer in this moment must be given the opportunity to hear it. Only if the question is serious and heart-felt will the answer be received. If the question is not asked with TRUE SPIRITUAL INTENTION, the universe and your own Higher Self will deem it mental curiosity or ego fantasy.

As you ask the question, step back into your True Self, and let go of all you think you know about yourself. This practice is about the Infinite Possibilities that are present in NOT KNOWING. You are in truth both physical manifestation and Soul Essence, and yet you have largely forgotten your SOURCE. In self- questioning, you confront both essence and manifestation and begin to understand and to witness the Sacred Contradiction this represents.

Only when you embrace this contradiction will you arrive at the First Stage of AWAKENING YOUR MASTERY.

Mastery is not about metaphysical abilities and phenomena. This first level of mastery is the experience within your own Heart of BEING PRESENT, in the same Breath, with your Divine Essence and the ways, in which you manifest it. It is the recognition in each and every moment that your Divinity IS PRESENT Within You, even in physical manifestation guiding your destiny in the most loving and appropriate manner.

Until you are able to hold enough COMPASSION for yourself and live from the awareness that you hold both Spirit and its Manifestation WITHIN yourself, you do not allow the energy that is vital to create your mastery to permeate the depth of your Soul. To become a Master is to remember Your True Self, and yet to do so in the temple of your physical manifestation in this time and space. ASCENSION is nothing more that Awakening to the Truth of your Divine Self Within this Dimension or any other, Within this Body or any other.

It is the Allowing of SELF-COMPASSION that moves you into the Vibration of GRACE. It is the FUSION of the physical Earth with the Etheric realms and the MERGING of an awakened Truth with the Power of LOVE that moves you into Your Mastery. A master is one who recognizes the Truth and Grace that is present all around him, in the physical and the non-physical.

A master is one who understands within his/her Heart, from a frequency of LOVE and GRATITUDE, that duality exists only between being awake and continuing to live an illusion.

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