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TELOS: Protocols of 5D (part 7)

These exercises for the practice of evolving SELF are not meant to be done sequentially but simultaneously. After you have given one day of practice to each individually, practice them all together throughout the ongoing days.

Step 1: Learn to question yourself:

  • Let go of all you think you know about yourself.

  • Speak the question that springs from the deepest pools of your heart.

  • Listen with the part of you that is awake enough now to hear the answer.

Step 2: Recognize and dismantle your belief systems:

  • Be willing to strip away the accumulated layers of illusion hiding who you think you are from the real you.

  • With compassion, allow all possibilities of creation that your human mind has not yet awakened to.

  • Develop faith in yourself that you are a master who is capable of co-creating with the universe all that is possible.

Step 3: Experience a sacred communion with your soul as a doorway to your God-Self:

  • Make a list of the belief systems that limit you, and reclaim your energy from them.

  • Make another list of what you know, in the depths of your heart, to be true about yourself.

  • Make a list of judgments you still hold about yourself.

Step 4: A three-fold practice:

  • Each morning upon rising take some time in solitude to contemplate your state of being, honestly and without judgment.

  • Throughout the day, work regularly with the energies of Love, Trust, Faith, Compassion, Grace and Gratitude.

  • Each evening recognize and embrace in profound honor all that you have given yourself that day.

Unity Consciousness can only be embodied in the fifth dimensional vibration by hearts who love one another, and hearts only love one another when they first love themselves. This is why we spend so much time to share this information with you. As you do your healing work with the lower mind and ego, you become more spiritually alive.

Only in the world where you can by conscious design allow every thought, word and deed to manifest the love, trust, grace, faith, compassion and gratitude that resides unconditionally within you, will you inherit the fifth dimension. IT IS YOUR TIME NOW TO SHINE FORTH.

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