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TELOS: Protocols of 5D (part 10)

Blessings to all today! I beckon you to the halls of the Great Temple of Knowledge in Telos. Contained within its walls is the library of our Lemurian lineage, a storehouse of experience in crystalline form. These crystals come in all shapes, colors and sizes, and each has its own frequency in order to best represent and express the information it holds.

I invite you here today so that you may recognize the truth of the vibration of this place, for it is a mirror of you. It is a duplicate of the temple that resides within your physical body, in the crystalline cellular structure that you inhabit and maintain. Within your field of consciousness, I ask you in this moment to connect with the energy of the crystal grid of planet Earth, so that we may all be connected together as we continue our exploration of the Heart of Lemuria.

Today, I wish to speak with you on the nature of FORGIVENESS, which is the greatest truth one can derive from the practice of the Heart of Lemuria. Even deeper than that is the level of Divinity which recognizes, states and lives the truth that there is nothing to forgive. You cannot create this truth; you can only discover it. You have an opportunity now to learn this truth for yourselves, and our great Earth mother has the opportunity to live this truth with all of us.

Many of you have reached a place on your spiritual path where the trauma of past experiences has brought you to a juncture. This crossroad holds anger, grief, sorrow and shame on one side, and joy, wisdom, love, creativity and truth on the other.

Shame is the illusion that there is something you can do, or someone else can do to you, which is wrong and for which there is no possible redemption or forgiveness. You have been taught this as a society and as a race. You have been taught this through most religious traditions and belief systems.

But the truth is that in the past, events happened that you did not have the wisdom at the time to understand. There are no victims on our dimension or in yours. We all chose to incarnate here and experience the full spectrum of physical expression of the Divine. We are all Divine expressions of the Creator experiencing Being and Consciousness for ETERNITY. Our desire for experience has encompassed every facet of the godhead.

When we first incarnated as god beings and as creator gods, our experience was very close to that of the Creator. In the beginning, the veil separating us from the Creator was the thinnest possible. But then souls become interested in deviating or distancing themselves from the experience of being the creator, wanting a deeper experience of "not being God" so that they could gain a greater understanding of what it is to BE GOD.

Through these experiences we created more and more "unknowingness" and more and more confusion. Over a long period of time, we moved into realms in which we chose higher and higher levels of suffering, as we followed an exploration of individual soul paths. Each individual soul is on a greater soul path, which is the aspect that the creator is most interested in understanding, such as JOY.

The soul will choose to have all the experiences needed to understand this aspect. These experiences usually express themselves as a lack of that aspect, as opposed to the experience of it. One who wishes to understand the importance and purpose of joy chooses incarnations in which they have a joyless existence.

All of these experiences we have chosen have become a part of our cellular memories. They become patterns in our genetic information. Together our genetic lineage became a part of the fabric of the Earth's Heart and Soul, for HER EVOLUTION and HER ASCENSION have also been a part of our journey. From incarnation to incarnation, throughout all the civilizations of Earth, we have traveled this path. We have experienced cataclysm and redemption. We have created density of physicality and witnessed miracles. We have walked this Earth as Masters of LOVE and LIGHT and as slaves of violent emotions. We have all been healers and we have all been murderers. IT IS TIME to forgive ourselves for all that we have done, and all that has been done in our name.

NOW is the time to CONNECT again to the PURE FREQUENCY of your Heart, the Heart of Lemuria, the heart of the Divine. For within this frequency lies the essence of forgiveness, and within the essence of forgiveness lies the TRUTH of your Divine Essence.

We have witnessed so many of you crying out that you are still trapped behind the veil, that you cannot be in touch with your family and friends on the other side of the veil. You complain that you are not allowed to gather with us and share in our lifestyle and community, which seems to include more EASE and GRACE that the one you currently live in. But I will say to you again that the only veil that exists is the one you have created. The veil that you still experience is the veil of your fears, your erroneous belief systems and your sadness.

It is not the traumas you have suffered over the course of your evolution that are the cause of your pain today; it is your unwillingness to feel your pain. It is your unwillingness to experience the fear and sadness and nourish your pain with forgiveness. The act of FORGIVING THE SELF is what brings you back to the pure frequency of the Heart of Lemuria. Rather than EMBRACING YOUR PAIN, you long for things to be otherwise; you turn from your pain rather than towards it.

GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION to FEEL again and to rediscover the heart's vibration. Where most of you are now emotionally, behind the veil, your fears often feel like they will cause your heart to stop or beat faster and faster. The sorrows and sadness you hold within cause the heart to feel as though it would break in physical terms. Offer God your broken heart if you wish and allow the Divine within your Sacred Heart to bring a healing.

In truth, it is your mind that is taking you deeper into the reservoir of emotion that you have encountered throughout your lifetimes. But the mind alone cannot accomplish this type of healing. The Heart's Frequency is what GUIDES us through this seeming minefield and NOURISHES us with the LOVE of the Universe.

Each time you give permission for this to happen, you are connecting to your cellular memory again. You can move the fear or the sadness out of your physical structure and out of your DNA's

genetic lineage for all time and space.

You may begin to feel your body in ways you have not experienced before. It can be a general feeling of comfort or more connection to the body, where it becomes more graceful, more energetic or experiences a decrease of pain. This release can manifest in a certain part of the body, such as in an organ, a muscle or the skeletal system.

The Frequency of Forgiveness RESONATES with the Frequency of the Heart. Tapping into the heart allows you to inform the mind and the body of this gift, not just for this lifetime, but for all lifetimes. Many have written that the soul is located in the central cell of the pineal gland. This is not exact. In truth, the BODY LIES WITHIN the SOUL. What we call the aura is its lowest vibration. The soul extends outward around the body. Our souls create the energy that motivates the body to move on. The Soul defines our level of health or sickness.

It is through the Heart's Frequency that we connect with our Soul, and with the SOUL of the DIVINE of which we are all a part. The BEST TONIC for all maladies of the heart, all disconnection from this Divine Frequency and the Rhythm of your Physical Life, IS FORGIVENESS.

The most powerful way to nourish each other is to LISTEN to another person's truth and accept it. The next level is HEARING another person's truth, ACCEPTING them for what they are, and LOVING them for it. The next level is hearing another's truth, accepting them and loving them in spite of it. This is the essence of forgiveness that, TRUTHFULLY, there is NOTHING to FORGIVE.


Listen to IT and Treasure IT. You are not incomplete and you are not incapable of becoming this Heart with your entire being and vibrating with this frequency throughout your Being-ness. When you become THIS, no other initiations or purifications will be necessary before you can be allowed to pass through the veil.

ALL you need, all you have ever needed, LIES WITHIN YOU. It is only your awareness of it that must shift, not through the mind but THROUGH the Heart, which will mirror this frequency to the world around you.

Your awareness has been focused until now on the veil of duality, which was created by the nature of the mind, not that of the heart. The mind's awareness will always seek to qualify and differentiate, to judge one against the other. It will see anger and distrust, because it also sees LOVE and CALM. It will see arrogance and greed because it also sees MERCY and GENEROSITY.

The Heart, however, is aware only of UNITY, which is the product of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and FORGIVENESS. Forgiveness is what will allow you to stop avoiding the pain that has been there for so long. The LIGHT of Awareness will enter into the parts of your Soul that have long been relegated to the shadows, and you will no longer be able to deny yourselves entry into the Heart of Lemuria that exists around you without veil at all times. And what will it be like to awaken free of all veils? Free of judgment and remorse? Free of fear and sadness? Free of the desire for everything and anything to be different? Free of the feelings of shame and unworthiness? Free of the illusion that you are not God?

It will be like your heart has burst into a realm of Infinite Possibility and infinity JOY. You will discover that everything you have ever desired has been there all along. The world around you will hold this same frequency, and we will be there to greet you!

May the Love of the Divine show itself to each of you in the vibration of your heart! And may the Heart of Lemuria shine on Earth through all dimensions of time and space! This is our greatest wish for you today. We thank each of you for entertaining this possibility and for joining with us in LOVE and Unity.

Until we speak again, I am your friend and brother, Adama.

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