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TELOS: Protocols of 5D (part 5)

Through this practice, the ego (mind) with its negativity will come to the surface. What is negativity but a perfect reflection of limited belief? What is negativity but a judgment that the ego has made to protect itself? So again, SELF-COMPASSION must become your Loving Companion who asks in a gentle voice, "Is this the real truth of who I AM?"

This compassionate voice will help you create a third list of judgments you still hold about yourself. This next level of awakening holds the opportunity for much healing. Allow your open and innocent Soul to guide you now. The third list is not meant to be a burden. It is through GRACE that the KNOWINGNESS gained here allows the experience of ONE-ness with SELF to be available instantaneously. Giving yourself this gift in TRUTH and LOVE can be an ecstatic experience.

The TRANSFORMATION and FREEDOM manifested when judgments are healed can bring a great acceleration to your Journey of Awakening and become a gift like no other. Have patience with yourself and with all that is unresolved in your Heart. You will come to love this Healing Process. You will see the feelings about yourself as mirrors of the judgments you apply to your outer world. Work within the framework of COMPASSION and allow the transmission of GRACE to envelope you. Allow then the Transformation of Judgment to unfold.

How can you embody the PURITY of LOVE in a physical way if you hold yourself in judgment of anything? How can you hold the Sacred Vision of your TRUE SELF that is the seed of ALL CREATION, if you judge? Even if you judge the judgment, you move out of the vibration that is your truth. Even if the judgment is one that you view as positive, it still carries an energy that limits your experience. Without judgment you will SOON find within yourself the LIGHT you wish the entire Universe to shine with.

In Telos, we do not "know" all with our minds, but we allow each experience to be witnessed by the heart from a fresh perspective, without judgment or expectation. We feel the truth of each experience as it unfolds from a deeper place, as we stretch out to touch the energy that is all around us. We are also in transition just as you are, and we are evolving just as you are, as is the planet.

We have embodied the energy of TRUST through lifetimes of practice so that our experience of the energies of SOURCE are continually deepening. We have learned through patient and compassionate work with ourselves and our children that an ever-growing understanding and awareness can be gained. We do not limit ourselves through the beliefs of the ego, and therefore, we are surrounded by the LOVE and the INFINITY of SOURCE at all times.

In our evolution we have learned much about the Heart Center and how it functions in physicality. We have learned much about the true functioning of the lower mind, and how to work with it, not for it. We have learned in practical terms that the mind is a house of questions, and the HEART is a LIBRARY of ANSWERS. We have learned to love our questions and to cherish the answers the heart provides with each question.

We have learned through much practice to view all from a perspective of Compassion and Trust, for these are the True Energies that Empower Us. We have learned through the practice of NON-JUDGMENT to embrace all the energies of SELF, and to love and stay conscious of doubt and fear when they arise. We have learned that HONESTY is synonymous with non-judgment and that honesty must begin with self. We have learned that the greatest source of WISDOM resides in our HEARTS. We have integrated and become this learning because of our continual practice of it.

We practice these truths EACH DAY in our conscious interactions with everyone we come in contact with. If we find ourselves expressing, in thought and deed, an attitude or belief system rather the TRUE KNOWLEDGE of OUR HEARTS, we immediately explore the opposite action or thought.

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